Remembering the dead of San Bernardino two years on

The victims of the San Bernardino Islamic attack.


Two years ago yesterday, on the 2nd of December 2015 14 innocent people lost their lives and 22 were seriously injured in the USA at the hands of Islamic savages. Two Muslims, one born in the USA and one imported from the Islamic hell-hole that is Pakistan, attacked a Christmas party for staff of a centre that provides services for people with mental disabilities in the Californian city of San Bernardino. One of the attackers was even employed by the centre that was targeted and killed his own work colleagues, in the name of Islam’s bloodsoaked deity Allah.

These Muslims who were seemingly integrated, friendly, law abiding and contributory, were everything that a civilised nation could want from a member of their Islamic minority, turned on their fellow citizens and murdered them. Despite that they killed in the name of Islam. The hatred that Islam had instilled in these two murderers was so intense that they felt no shame or guilt in pretending to be friends and allies of Americans whilst at the same time harbouring a desire to murder Americans.

On this day, a day a fraction over two years since the attack which was, up until then, the USA’s worse Islamic terror atrocity since 11th September 2001, we should remember the innocent lives lost in this horrific attack as we should remember the loss of those who have died in all Islamic terror attacks. Since the San Bernardino attack the world has seen hundreds and hundreds of people across the world both in the East and in the West, die at the hands of the followers of this savage ideology called Islam. Many more will die unless those who rule over us start to realise the true nature of this ideology and take concerted and effective actions against it.