More protection goes up to defend Christmas shoppers against Islamic nutters – Derby this time.

Some of the armed police who will patrolling Derby over Christmas and New Year to protect shoppers and revelers from an attack by violent Muslims. (pic from Derby Telegraph)

Because Britain has been so ‘vibrantly diversified’ with the seventh century savagery called Islam it has become necessary to take unprecedented steps to keep Britons safe from the violent followers of this accursed ideology. Up and down the length and breadth of the nation concrete and steel barriers, increasingly being nicknames ‘Diversity Barriers’, are going up and armed police have been put onto the streets in order to defend Britons from the followers of the woefully misnamed ‘religion of peace’.

Following on from places like Birmingham, Hull, Bath and Worcester and others, it’s now the turn of the city of Derby in England’s Midlands to have to batten down the hatches because of the risk of some Muslim or other going full Islam and engaging in mass murder. According to a report in the Derby Telegraph, the local newspaper for the area, armed police have been put on the streets to protect shoppers in the city centre.

The Derby Telegraph said:

Armed police will be patrolling the streets of Derby this Christmas to protect the public from a terrorist attack.

It is the first time Derbyshire police have ever deployed armed cops to openly patrol public areas on a daily basis.

Last year they bucked the trend by not having armed officers on patrol when other forces did but Assistant Chief Constable Chris Haward said Islamic State-inspired terrorist attacks in London and Manchester this year had changed that position.

Patrols will begin tomorrow and will run over Christmas and New Year at various locations including Pride Park stadium during matches, Derby bus station, the city’s train station and other parts of the county.

When asked why the force had changed its mind, Mr Haward said: “What’s happened this year in the UK and in the rest of Europe has changed the situation. There has been heightened awareness of the threats we are facing.

“The threat has changed from what was 18 months ago – some sort of planned and organised attack – to what we have seen this year, which has been a more and more lone wolf style attack. They have been unplanned and unpredictable with no way of knowing. There is a heightened fear and tension.

Read the original source via the link below:

What Assistant Chief Constable Chris Haward fails to mention, and in this he is very similar to other cowardly police officers and politicians, is the main reason for the extra security including armed police officers. In other words he refuses to mention the word ‘Islam’. Oh he talks the right euphemisms such as ‘lone wolf style attack’ as if these incidents just materialise out of nowhere and spews out guff about ‘rising tensions’, but he can’t bring himself to say ‘Islamic savagery’ can he?The Assistant Chief Constable obfuscates and refuses to name the problem even though it’s plain and obvious to the average Briton on the street, that it is Islamic savagery that is the reason behind the enhanced security?

The siege mentality that British towns and cities are having to slip into is truly astonishing. There are protective measures going up all over the place that were never ever necessary in peacetime mainland UK, but they have become increasingly vital because of the foaming violent nutcases that Islam vomits out on a monotonously regular basis. There used to be a time when Britain didn’t need concrete blocks or armed police to ensure a modicum of safety for the British subject, but that was a time before the arrival of Islam to our shores.

Looking at these barriers and the armed police that have sadly become necessary in the face of Islamic threat can anyone truly and honestly say that the injection of Islam into our society has been beneficial? I can’t. Although there are many individual Muslims and people from Muslim backgrounds who are decent people, the same cannot be said about the ideology of Islam itself. Islam has not been an asset to the UK, it has been a burden and is an increasingly dangerous burden at that.

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