An open letter to Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham

Newham Town Hall

Dear Sir Robin,

I don’t normally comment online about court cases that are sub judice, as I would not want to commit an act of contempt of court, nor hinder the path of justice, therefore I’m not naming the accused nor linking to the arrest reports that have recently been published. I will however, say that those recently accused, possess striking cultural and communal similarities to those who have been either accused or convicted in other cases of appalling organised sexual abuse of children and vulnerable young women.

The recent arrest of a Newham resident and others from nearby boroughs, who are now accused of involvement in organised child sex offences, raises some questions, that relate to the situation within your borough in general.

Primarily the question needs to be asked is are these arrests possibly an early indication that there may well be a problem with Islamic Child-sex Grooming Gangs operating within your borough?

As elected Mayor of Newham, you will have access to many different sources of information, some of which are in the public domain and some which are not, therefore you cannot fail to be aware of, or not be able to appreciate the scale of, the growing scandal of Islamic Grooming Gangs. Up until now these gangs have mostly been operating in various Northern and Midlands towns and cities, but cases are starting to appear outside those areas now.

To be frank, if these abominations of abuse are happening in Rochdale, Rotherham, Dewsbury, Leeds and elsewhere, in places where there is a similar demographic to Newham, what would you say are the chances that such things are not happening in Newham? I would say that the chances of Islamic Grooming Gangs not operating in Newham are very low indeed.

If these Islamic Grooming Gangs are indeed operating within the borough, then what is Newham Council as a whole doing to stop the problem, and more specifically what are the social services and police strategies for dealing with this problem?

Those of us who know of Newham by (poor) reputation and follow the politics of the Borough in places like Private Eye’s Rotten Borough’s column, know that you, Sir Robin, take a keen interest in policing – even to the extent of dressing council security guards to look, from a distance, like regular police officers. Therefore, I’m sure that with your recorded interest in policing matters, you will be looking closely at the issue of Islamic Grooming Gangs in Newham.

Newham touted itself quite widely as ‘An Olympic Borough’ throughout 2012, do you really want Newham to be known in the future as ‘The Islamic Nonce Borough’? If you don’t want Newham to be known by such a shameful moniker then your borough should not only act against Islamic Grooming Gangs but should also be seen to be acting against such criminals. There should be no more house-room given by local authorities to ‘community cohesion’ concerns when dealing with organised child sex abuse.

Best Regards




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