Postal Votes time for a change?


We used to pride ourselves in the UK that we had a robust and honest voting system and many mainstream Britons used to sneer at the ‘vote early, vote often’ attitude of foreign nations and problems caused by the sectarian based voting of Northern Ireland.

Sadly as with much else, the Labour Party corrupted the voting system by allowing postal votes on demand, knowing that the postal vote system was wide open to abuse and would probably favour potential Labour voters who would be more likely to vote if all they had to do is pop their vote in the post on the way to the dole office.

The cynic in me also doesn’t believe that Labour were unaware of the propensity for ‘communal voting’ in our imported Islamic communities nor the fact that the postal vote system disenfranchises women who belong to cultures, like Islam, where they are seen as second class citizens. For example woman brought up in the misogynistic Islamic culture for instance is much more likely to vote how her husband or family tell her to, if it is NOT a secret ballot. Think about it, would you want to dissent from your husbands political view if you were brought up in the sort of cult that approved of the beating of women? I don’t think you would.

We have seen where a Labour/Islamic alliance or Islamic parties dominate the Council in places such as Rochdale, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Rotherham etc, you also have severe problems with the validity and honesty of the voting system that elects such parties. Add to this electoral corruption the fact that employees of these councils, who may have a different standard of electoral honesty to the rest of us, also count the votes and you have a recipe for entrenched corrupt local government. Once in, it then becomes completely impossible to honestly vote them out because of the corruption of the electoral system. You then end up with a permanent Labour / Islamic administration which will then work to bend the electoral system even more.

It is therefore vital for there to be confidence in the voting system that the policy of postal votes on demand is abandoned as soon as possible, preferably before the next General Election. I’m a true believer in the power of the secret ballot, the exercise of the choice of the individual voter unfettered by external pressure but what Labour gave us was a postal system that forced some voters to make their choice in the full view of the community. That cannot be right or just. We know the propensity for violence that exists within the Islamic community and it doesn’t take much of an imagination to call up scenarios where voters in that community who dissent from the Labour /Islamic alliance are put under pressure.

The scandal of Labour’s ‘third world voting system’ must be ended before the corruption of the electoral system becomes any more ingrained than it already is. Once corruption of this sort is established, it becomes very hard to remove it.

This is something on which David Cameron needs to show some balls on and he must push through if possible a ban on postal voting on demand and establish an independent oversight of vote counting in electorally suspicious areas like Newham and Tower Hamlets in London and in the Labour / Islamic fiefdoms of the North.

Sadly, I don’t expect Mr Cameron to take a stand on this as he is in coalition with the Janus-faced Lib Dems who too often on electoral matters, such as equalising the numbers of voters in each constituency, side with the Labour party and not with the idea of having an honest voting system that the elector can have confidence in.

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  1. Fahrenheit211 | February 28, 2013 at 9:01 am |

    Then you go back to the old system where you had to apply for a postal vote and it had to be approved, preferably by an organisation other than the local council, or the party of your choice would send a volunteer round to pick you up and take you to the polling station. Postal voting on demand has been a major factor in electoral corruption in the UK. Although it sounds harsh, if it came down to it, and there was no other way of sorting out the problems, I would consider that a few disabled or elderly people being disenfranchised may be a small price to pay for a more robust, honest and transparent electoral system. I think that postal voting for those who genuinely need one should be available but there must be an end to the ’30 registered voters in one flat’ situation as exists in Tower Hamlets and other corrupted constituencies and boroughs.

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 28, 2013 at 9:30 am |

      Maybe it is time for the authorities to start asking for proof of disability. Unless you have seen up close and personal, as I have, the corruption of some of these ‘Labour one party states’ then it is difficult to grasp just how appalling they are. Unless a person experiences what it is like to be treated as a second class (or worse) citizen in your own country because you don’t belong to a demographic that the Labour party deems ‘important’ then it is easy to see reform of the postal voting system as not a priority. I’m afraid that it IS a priority but sadly such a policy will not be backed by the Lib Dems.

      On a side issue, one of the great things about the Lib Dems being in Government is now everybody can see them for the untrustworthy charlatans that they are, you now don’t have to live in a Lib Dem local authority to experience this. Hopefully people will remember the mountebank like activities of the Lib Dems come the next general election in 2015, and they will be decimated as they truly deserve to be.

      • Fahrenheit211 | February 28, 2013 at 10:28 am |

        So the scandals of excessive immigration, parliamentary expenses fraud, oppressive laws, shutting down free speech, decimating the education system, a virtual doubling of the spending of money taken from taxpayers and ultimately wasted, the selling off of our gold reserves at a rock bottom price, the corruption of the electoral system, 800,000 extra civil servants employed for no real practical purpose, excessive and pointless ‘green’ taxes that are sending people spiraling into fuel poverty all happened under the Tories did they. I’m afraid not. They were all Labour disasters and the tragedy of the coalition is they have not had the political will to reverse them. We still have excessive immigration often of hostile people, we still have a bloated public sector, we still have a corrupted voting system, we still have excessive tax and we are still skint.

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