Max Mosley goes mad and calls for Britain to ban the viewing of certain blogs

Max Mosley’s Daddy comes to breakfast

Max Mosley, the spankingly unhinged son of failed British Union of Fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley, has called today for Britain to ‘cut the wires’ to bloggers, even those based outside the UK, who breach the new press censorship and control laws.

Max Mosley got caught and was embarrased by the News of the Screws a few years back by being photographed by the paper, in congress with some allegedly ‘specialist’ working girls.

He made his gobsmackingly arrogant call for total control of Britons viewing offending bloggers, at a session of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s select commitee.

The Huffington Post said:

“Max Mosley, the former Formula One Boss turned privacy campaigner following a News of the Word sting, has told MPs he supports “cutting the wires” to internet sites who publish “the worst” pieces in breach of press regulation.

He was speaking alongside press regulation campaign group Hacked Off at Department of Culture, Media And Sport select committee into press regulation, 24 hours after MPs agreed a landmark Royal Charter.

Responding to a discussion about the impracticality of regulating sites based abroad, Mosley suggested that the British public could be banned from seeing such sites, if they routinely break British codes of conduct or publish falsehoods.

“Of course in the worst case you can, figuratively speaking, cut the wire. An order of the English court is enforceable in England. Of course nobody wants to do that,” he said.

He added: “But don’t pretend it’s not practical, because it is.” “

Read the rest of the HuffPo story here:

Talk about the apple not falling far from the tree, here calling for draconian controls on what people read and view, is the son of the man who, until he was interned, wanted to exchange hard won British freedoms for the type of genocidal fascism that destroyed Germany.

Max Mosley is obviously starting to hear the sound of Daddy’s jackboots in his head.


Huffington Post story on Max Mosley’s DCMS select committee appearance.

Background on Max Mosley and the spanking orgy story


7 Comments on "Max Mosley goes mad and calls for Britain to ban the viewing of certain blogs"

  1. Paris Claims | March 20, 2013 at 6:13 am |

    I’m sure I read somewhere that his father was a leading Fabian ’till he discovered facism. Not mudh difference between the two ideologies in reality

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 20, 2013 at 7:24 am |

      Mosley was involved in the Labour party before he became a fascist. Agree that both Fabianism (and other types of socialism) and fascism are both authoritarian ideologies.

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 20, 2013 at 7:39 am |

      Yup and Ossie Mosley was heavily involved in the Labour party. Agree that carried to their logical conclusions both fabianism and fascism are both scarily authoritarian.

  2. Maurice Dancer | March 20, 2013 at 6:30 am |

    Mosley’s verbal incontinence gives Hacked Off’s game away: censorship of the Internet, the restriction of free speech/comment & the hounding of those who hold inconvenient views. Mosley & Hugh Grant, both outed for sexual peccadilloes, are merely the frontmen for control freaks.
    Certain members of the Left-liberal establishment, e.g. Polly Toynbee, are cock-a-hoop, as they see this as a first victory over those who pinpoint the flaws, deceit & hypocrisy in her ilk’s ‘narrative’: global warming/eco-socialism/enforced multiculti/moral relativism/EU big state/submission to Islam/abolition of the nation state, etc. Flawed though it is (vile, degrading porn), the Internet is also the life blood of the real opposition to steamroller governments. A New New Labour/Lib Dem govt. in 2015 would take these regulations much further. Harriet Harman, Minister of Culture, or is that Censure?
    Interfering with the Internet technically can be extremely difficult, & counter-productive, so I would expect a series of exemplary show-trials, & relentless harassment, to deter bloggers/commenters – 21st century witch hunts. Look into the eyes of Harriet, Maid of Frankfurt, & see free speech shredded, like a flock of white doves being minced by a wind turbine.

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