From Elsewhere: Whatever happened to ‘No Platform for fascists’?

The student Left and the academic Left and those institutions influenced by them, used to have a policy of no platform for racists and fascists. This ‘no platform policy’ doesn’t unfortunately seem to extend to the category of Islamic fascists, with whom the modern Left appear to have signed their own version of the Molotov/Von Ribbentrop pact.

In our institutions of ‘learning’ Islamofash preachers, those vile promoters of Genocide and Jihad, are, unlike other sorts of fascist and racist, allowed free access to promote their particular brand of authoritarian hell. However, an attempt by an anti-jihadist to speak on the subject of religious fascism would most probaby be greeted by shouts of ‘racist’ by the leftist chorus that make up much of the politically active denizens of academe.

The Commentator Blog, reporting on information brought to light by the anti extremist organisation Student Rights, said that leaflets exhorting all Muslims to ‘be terrorists’ and praising banditry and rape were given out at Keele University.

The Commentator said:

“At an event apparently organised by the Islamic Society at Keele University, students were shocked to receive a copy of a booklet called “Answers to Non-Muslims’ Common Questions about Islam” [PDF] which has been authored by the Indian cleric Dr Zakir Naik.

Naik was officially barred from the UK in 2010 due to a number of comments, including a claim that if Osama Bin Laden was “terrorising the terrorist, if he is terrorising America the terrorist, biggest terrorist, I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist”.

Naik has been noted for his views on 9/11 as an “inside job” and has also declared that “homosexuality is forbidden in Islam and the punishment for homosexuality is death”.

Since the event, Student Rights tracked down a copy of the booklet circulated, and revealed a number of deeply concerning ideals found within it. It is rumoured that the booklet was obtained via the UK-based charity, the Islamic Dawah Centre International who this afternoon confirmed via telephone to The Commentator that they do supply the booklet, but they are currently out of stock. When asked as to whether they supply to university campuses, the response was, “of course”.”

The fact that the Islamonazis who are operating in Keele University are able to be so open about distributing material such as this is very disturbing. If there was a policy of ‘no platform’ for fascists, as there probably was in some form or another, why has no fuss been made about this by those groups on the Left who are normally so assiduous in sniffing out political thought crimes? If it was a white racist group who was telling its members to go out and be a terrorist then you can be sure that there would have been a louder outcry from the Left than there has been in this case.

The policy of ‘no platform’ has been shown to be bogus, it is only ‘no platform’ for the fascists that the Left do not like, the fascists the Left do like are allowed to spread their poison unmolested. Although the student Islamic society withdrew the book and disavowed it, it does beg the question, if this publication was in circulation for a while at Keele, which it may well have been, are they just disavowing because they’ve been caught out?


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  1. john warren | April 8, 2013 at 6:12 am |

    Quite obviously they are. When the spot-light of inquiry hit, it exposed all those nasty things that had carefully been hidden in the shadows. Those things were intended to be taken on board by young and naive idealists, not picked at by those with a little more varied experience.

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