Bangladesh. Bearded Savages riot over an excess of free speech

News comes in from Bangladesh that jihadis have been turning their own ‘go mental’ controls to 11and have taken to the streets to demand a blasphemy law. The jihadis have attacked people and forced them to take part in a general strike for press the Government of Bangladesh to bring in a strict blasphemy law.

The Asian Image newspaper website said:

“Police and Somoy TV station said today’s violence took place in Chittagong city when activists from Hifazat-e-Islam clashed with ruling Awami League supporters.

Police official Abdullahel Baki said the Hifazat-e-Islam protesters threw stones at police and the ruling party supporters.

The TV station said one ruling party member was hit by a bullet, but it was not immediately clear who fired it.

The Hifazat-e-Islam protesters also blocked a railway line in eastern Brahmanbaria district to disrupt train services. “

Many people will not be surprised to see an Islamic group rioting against free speech and the Government in Dhaka has said that they will not comply with the extremists demand for a blasphemy law. Yet again we see an Islamic group demanding that the rights of others to think for themselves or peacefully follow their own deity unmolested are stamped upon.

When will our own politicians learn that wherever Islam rules or controls, fundamental freedoms such as religion, speech, and conscience, disappear very quickly. If the jihadis and their like end up controlling Bangladesh then the lot of the average Bangladeshi will start to get considerably worse than it is at present.


Original story from Asian Image on the rioting jihadis in Bangladesh.