“It seems we have been completely and utterly betrayed by the council.”

This flag, and this nation has been betrayed by Islam appeasing local authorities.

The title is from a quote from a member of Lingfield Residents Association in Moortown, Leeds where locals from the Lingfield Estate are putting up a stirring fight against a mosque being imposed on their area. The mosque, which is being planned by an extremist Islamic group, The UK Islamic Mission, is not wanted by locals and is in an area where there is only a 3% Muslim population. The local authority however appear to think very differently from those who live in Moortown and are adamant that a former Public House should be turned into a mosque.

Yet again we see appeasement of Islam by arrogant local authorities who really should know better and who should be representing the residents of Moortown and not the Islamic expansionists of the UK Islamic Mission.  The anti Jihad blogger, Kafircrusader who is covering this story in depth, reports that:

Julian Marshall, a member of Lingfield Residents’ Association, said:

There were so many objections against it, not because it is a race issue, but there’s less than 3% Muslim population on the estate.

I wish it hadn’t come to this. It seems we have been completely and utterly betrayed by the council.”

Mr Marshall you HAVE been betrayed by your council just like other communities have been betrayed by their councils when it comes to the matter of Islam. The more that councils appease Islam the more likely it is that people will come out and object to such appeasement. It is heartening to see the locals fighting back against Islam in Leeds, and also seeing the support they are getting from non-racist patriots, who care not for the colour of a persons skin, but are very concerned about the ‘bad character’ inherent in the ideology of Islam.


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