‘British’ Muslim from Suffolk threatens American Counterjihadist – Don’t hold your breath waiting for action from Suffolk Police.

Woodbridge in Suffolk, another British town that now appears to be afflicted by Bearded Savages threatening death to those who disagree with them.

The American Counterjihadist Debbie Schlussel reports that a ‘British’ Muslim going by the name of Muhammed Qori Dwi Adya aka Corey of Woodbridge, Suffolk, United Kingdom has issued an online threat against Ms Schussel saying that he will ‘find you and kill you.’

Such an action is considered a criminal offence in the UK, the offence of ‘threat to kill’. However, bearing in mind that the alleged offender is Muslim it is highly unlikely that Britain’s politically compromised and corrupted police forces will intervene in this case, but it would be good to be proved wrong in this case. Sadly if this threat was the other way round and a counterjihadist had threatened a Muslim in this way, then the Left would be screaming ‘racist’ and the cell door would be slamming behind the counterjihadist before their feet could touch the ground.

If this Islamic threat to someone who is perfectly entitled to speak about the degradations that Islam brings to societies around the world is not dealt with by Suffolk Police, then it wll be yet another example of police cowardice in the face of the Islamic danger. We’ve seen such police cowardice and politically correct policing before both on the streets of Tower Hamlets where very little has been done to counteract the gangs of violent Islamic thugs patrolling the streets there. We’ve also seen how in how because of poltitical correctness, various British Police Forces have handled the ongoing scandal of Islamic child sex grooming gangs who were allowed to continue raping vulnerable girls and young women for over a decade.

This threat to kill should not be left unreported and people should contact Suffolk Police who appear to be very big on dealing with ‘hate crime’. Surely threatening to kill someone who is a)Jewish and b) is opposed to the violent ideology of Islam should be considered a ‘hate crime’? If this alleged incident is not treated as a hate crime and prosecuted as such then it will surely show just who’s side Suffolk Police is on, and it will not be the side of the non- Muslim.

Suffolk Police Headquarters can be contacted on headquarters@suffolk.pnn.police.uk a copy of this blog post and links to Ms Schlussel’s site has been forwarded to Suffolk Police.

Too often Muslims in the West are allowed to get away with things that anybody else would be prosecuted for and this needs to stop and stop now. There should be an end to the legal free pass given to ‘British’ Muslims who threaten death, oppression and treason. The Law needs to deal with such creatures as Corey and it is to be hoped that police action is taken against him, but knowing how the British police have been corrupted by political correctness I will not hold my breath while waiting for action.

We must all press our police forces to act to protect freedom not protect those who would remove freedom and replace it with Shariah Law.


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