Another ‘Asian’ sex attacker or is it more likely that this is another Islamic nonce?


There has been a particularly nasty sex attack in the Greater Manchester Police area that took place on February 10th. The attack in which an ‘Asian’ looking attacker tried to rape a ten year old girl happened on open ground when the girl became separated from her friends. According to the Manchester Evening News the presumably Muslim savage approached the lone girl and attempted to rape her. The girl managed to escape and raise the alarm and police are searching for the attacker.

According to the Manchester Evening News the suspect for this appalling attack is described as:

…….being ‘of Asian appearance’, in his 20s with a slim build, and wearing a dark coat.”

Bearing in mind that the vast majority of ‘Asian’ sex attackers and sex attack suspects eventually turn out to be Muslim, there is a strong possibility that this is yet another gross and disturbing attack on a child carried out by one of the followers of Islam. The Greater Manchester area has had a number of problems with Islamic sex crime in their area most notably in Rochdale. Knowing of the propensity of those brought up in an Islamic culture that is not only highly misogynistic and which has no real prohibition on paedophilia, I would take a guess that this savage sex attacker is more likely to be Muslim than a member of any other group. This attacker is, because of the influence of Islamic ideology and culture, much less likely to be a Hindu, Sikh, Jain or a Buddhist, all groups that can be reasonably described as ‘Asian’.

I must admit I find the term ‘Asian’ pretty disingenuous especially when it is used to describe alleged offenders after they’ve been charged when their religious and cultural heritage become public knowledge. Granted that the term ‘Asian’ is a physical description to be used in searching for this particular savage, but to use it when an offender’s Islamic status is known to the authorities and the press is a gross and unfair slur on decent and non rapist Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and others.

I find this case particularly distressing and anger inducing. It’s distressing because a young girl has been put through a horrendous and frightening experience that no child should have to go through and it’s anger-inducing because for many years the Authorities have told us the people that Islam isn’t a problem and there really isn’t any problem with Islamic sex crime. Both these statements, the one about Islam not being problematical and there being no such thing as Islamic sex crime, are both monstrous lies. Islam is becoming increasingly problematical and destructive to our society and the reality of specifically Islamic sex crime is being proven to us in towns and cities up and down the land. Islam will continue to degrade the life of the nation and endanger the lives and security of our children until we the people, acting through a government that looks after the rest of us for a change instead of only looking after Muslims, deals with the problems that have been caused by Islam, problems that successive governments have both imported and failed to properly tackle.


Original Manchester Evening News story on this latest horrific presumably Islamic sex crime

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