Newcastle anti-Jihad demonstration.



I’ve been looking through some footage of today’s Newcastle demonstration which has been organised and attended by the EDL and other patriotic groups, and I must say the demonstration looks much bigger I expected it to be. See video links below:

According to the Gates of Vienna (hat tip!) website it has been confirmed by the Police in the city that there are 7000 anti-Jihad protesters in Newcastle. The BBC in a report from 16:54 said that the counter demonstration by a Left / Islamic Alliance outfit called ‘Newcastle Unites’, attracted 400 people.

From the video that I’ve found, and the reports online, it seems that at the time of writing there have been few arrests of Patriots but some arrests have been made for alcohol offences and similar. The police told the BBC that there were ‘a number of arrests’, which to be quite frank can mean anything.

It is heartening to see so many people out there peacefully protesting against the ideology of Islam. Hopefully this massive street protest which even the BBC cannot ignore is the start of a national political challenge to the ideology of Islam, a challenge that our Government has so patently failed to rise to.

Whoever we are, White or black, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, straight or gay, male or female, religious or secular, we are all at risk from the ideology of Islam. This ideology is racist and supremacist and is everything that we should beware of in an authoritarian political system.

To borrow and amend an old Left-wing slogan from the 1980’s the time has come for ‘Black and White to Unite and Fight ‘against an ideology that would oppress us all, just as it oppresses its adherents.