Updated: Is there an Islamic Grooming angle to the disappearance of Erika Kacicova?

UPDATE:  Sky News is reporting that Ms Kacicova has been found ‘safe and well’.  Whether or not there is an Islamic Grooming angle to this story, only time, and court appearances by those arrested, will tell. However, don’t expect the BBC to say that there is an Islamic Grooming aspect to this case, if that is what has happened, as they have a track record of lying to protect the Bearded Savages.


Here is the latest report from Sky (just in case it falls down the memory hole)

Missing 13-year-old Erika Kacicova has been found “safe and well” in Bradford city centre, police say.

Officers say the teenager was discovered alone and that a third man, aged 41, had been arrested in connection with the case.

He is being held on suspicion of child abduction.

Erika is in the care of police in Bradford and her family have been informed of developments.

Detective Inspector Helen Tate, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “It’s fantastic news that we now have Erika, safe and well and a successful conclusion to the search for Erika.

“Our primary aim now is to concentrate on Erika’s wellbeing and begin to piece together her movements since she left home last Monday.

“We are working with local authority and partner agencies for the appropriate support for Erika and to assist with the investigation.

“I have personally been overwhelmed by the way the public and the media have responded to our appeals and I am extremely grateful for their help and support throughout this investigation.”

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Is there a possiblity that the mysterious disappearace of schoolgirl Erika Kacicova aged 13 could have an Islamic Grooming Gang angle?

Today’s Daily Mail said that before her disappearance she had been in communication via Facebook with ‘a Pakistani man’.  Couple this information with the fact that Bradford, where police are searching for her, is a hotbed of Islamic sexual abuse of non-Muslim girls and young women and the idea that she was lured away from home by Islamic Groomers looks worryingly likely.

The Mail said:

“Erika Kacicova’s father Stefan said his ‘beautiful’ daughter had got to know a man of Pakistani origin on Facebook before disappearing a week ago.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2389872/Missing-Erika-Kacicova-Police-searching-missing-schoolgirl-13-seen-week-arrest-man-37-suspicion-child-abduction.html#ixzz2blMGxa2n

It is to be hoped that this poor girl isn’t in the clutches of bestial Islamic rapists.  However, the fact that she was talking to a Bearded Savage Pakistani man just before she went missing and that the police are concentrating on the Bradford area makes this scenario quite possible.

Let us all pray that she is found alive, unharmed and untraumatised.

If she has fallen into the hands of Islamic Groomers, then it should be a warning to all parents to keep their daughters away from Muslims and Islamic areas.  The safety of our children is far far more important than any concerns about politeness or politicall correctness.


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