Now that’s why Pakistan is a s**thole volume 16 – Islamic child marriage edition.


Child marriage is an all too common occurance in the Muslim world, where female children and sometimes babies are married off to old men, where they are subsequently trapped into a life of horrendous abuse. As can be expected this sort of thing also occurs in that bastion of Islamic crackpottery, Pakistan.

However, here is an Islamic child marriage story with a twist. Here it was a 12 year old boy marrying in an Islamic ceremony, a 10 year old girl. It is quite often that old Islamic men forcibly and abusively marry female children, but this marrying off of two children is a new aspect of Pakistani Islamic depravity to me.

Yes I know that this sort of thing used to go on in the Royal families of centuries ago, but this is the 21st century. Civilised people do not forcibly marry off their underage children to pay off debts or sort out inheritance problems. That sort of thing belongs where it belongs, in the history books. Arranged marriages where prospective partners can check each other out and most importantly say ‘no’ if they are dissatisfied with a potential mate, are a world away from this sort of case. This is just child abuse and sadly typical for Pakistan.

This case does at least have some form of happy ending, as for once the Pakistani police did what they are paid to do which is to try to prevent this marriage. Such marriages are against the secular law in Pakistan, even though such marriages are permitted (and encouraged) by Islam

The Pakistan Tribune reported that:

The police were informed that Zafar Iqbal, a resident of Phularwan village, was marrying his 10 year old daughter to a 12-year-old boy.

By the time the police arrived at the scene, the neighborhood prayer leader Imam Qadri Munir had already completed the nikah ceremony.

Police arrested the bride’s father and the child groom. Police said the regular nikah registrar of the area Qari Haji Ahmad Khan had refused to perform the nikah saying that it was not legal.

They said the family had then called the prayer leader, who is missing.”

Hey that’s the Islamic state for you, if the secular law says that something is illegal but the Shariah Law says that that thing, such as child-marriage, is permitted then Shariah Law takes precedent in the mind of the believing Muslim.

That is why Shariah is not compatible with laws based on reason, humanity, logic or fairness. It is the Shariah, it is what it is, it cannot be accommodated or enveloped into other legal systems because to the pious Muslim, the Shariah takes precedent. Shariah Law is a cancer, and that cancer is eating away at Pakistan.

It is Islam and Shariah that has turned Pakistan into a shithole and it is a shame that more Pakistanis do not know and understand that. Pakistan could be a much greater nation if it freed itself from the yoke of Islam.


Original article

Wiki page on Phularwan town. It used to be a town with a lot of Hindus in it, according to Wiki, but they were displaced after the partition of India, by Muslims.

PLEASE NOTE: Since publishing the paragraphs below I have been contacted by the author to say that his article has caused them immense problems in Pakistan itself.  I have therefore redacted the writers name as per their request.  Editor 29th May 2014.  I would not normally do this but this particular writer does appear to live in one of the worlds most appalling shit holes.  I do this purely to help safeguard the author. 

Here is a though-provoking article by the freelance writer (Name Redacted) from Trending Central that talks about the debilitating effects on Pakistan of the various ‘conspiracy theories’ circulating among Pakistanis. Such conspiracy theories are used to explain away the god-awful life situation that exists for the average Pakistani. Basically if something goes bad then it is all the fault of a Western plot, and not the fault of the pisspoor Pakistani government, nor the Islamist fraggles, which is where the blame truly lies.

(Name Redacted) said:

Pakistanis reject notions of secularism, freedom, democracy, tolerance, pluralism and universal education as Western plots or the work of unseen CIA agents and not as the basis of a healthy, functioning society. So long as this is the case, the country will never emerge from its current quagmire. Currently, Pakistan is known for little more than as a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism, an exporter of terrorism, a really bad place to be a woman and finally, a place where girls cannot get an education. So long as Pakistanis look for answers to their problems in conspiracy theories and not the real culprits of their fall, the Islamists, their lot will not improve.

If Pakistan is to become a globally respected, vibrant, functioning democracy, Pakistanis must first stop resorting to conspiracy theories to explain the ills that have befallen them and face the real enemy. Islamist parties preach an ultraconservative brand of Islam and threaten to plunge the country back into the 7th century.”

Read the rest here