One in four of Britain’s young people have their heads screwed on right

If people choose to dress, or are required to dress, in the modern day equal to the Nazi uniform, or behave appallingly, why should they not expect to be hated and disliked?

A study, carried out by the BBC programme Newsbeat, has shown that over one in four young people aged between 18 and 24 didn’t trust Muslims. OK they also didn’t trust other religious groups, but quite obviously to a lesser extent. The key point was that the followers of Islam were the least trusted out of the religious groups listed. Now why could that be?

The survey threw up other signs that British society is becoming more stressed by Islam in that 44% thought that Islam didn’t share the same values as the rest of the population and that 28% thought that Britain would be better off with fewer Muslims.

Unfortunately the poll also showed that 48% of those polled still believed the lie that Islam was ‘a religion of peace’.

However, despite a large number of people still believing the bullshit ‘religion of peace’ line, it does show that things are changing. Five or ten years ago, people would have worried that they would be called a ‘racist’ if they criticised the Religion of Murder and Donkey-sex, but now they are more willing to speak up.

Personally I think that the situation ‘on the street’ viz a viz Islamic thuggery is what is causing this change, not biased media as the Left would love you to think. It is unlikely that events like that which occurred earlier this year in Ashton Under Lyne, where gangs of young Islamic thugs attacked young Britons at a bus stop, are unique. Visible thuggery and the growing problems with mass rapes and political corruption coming from Britain’s Islamic community is contributing greatly to a growing distaste for Islam among not just the young, but from all sectors of society.

The Left would dearly love this dislike of Islam to be because Islam has a media image problem. However, Islam’s problems, both internal ones, and Islam’s effects on host non-Muslim societies stem not from bias or prejudice, but from the doctrine of Islam itself. The problem with Islam is Islam and thankfully more people are waking up to that fact, despite heavy propaganda to the contrary.


BBC Newsbeat survey into young people’s attitudes