A sensible decision from an Indian Judge

Judge Kamini Lau

A judge in an Indian court has ruled that Islamic personal law or Shariah Law does not give an alleged Muslim kidnapper a ‘get out of jail free’ card. The judge said that Shariah Law doesn’t override the criminal law no matter how much a Muslim may believe that it should.

The Outlook India magazine said:

Holding that Muslim Personal Law cannot “override” criminal law, a Delhi court has rejected the bail plea of a Muslim man, accused of kidnapping and raping his 17-year-old lover belonging to the same community.

The court said that the law of the land should be applied uniformly on all and constitutional concept of equality before law cannot be diluted by one set of legislation for Muslims and a different one for non-Muslims.

“Merely because both the girl and the accused happen to be from the same religion whose Personal Law provides for a different age of marriage than the one provided under the statutory law of the land, does not mean any special indulgence is required to be given to the accused in so far as criminal law of this land is concerned,” Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau said.”

Well said Judge Lau. If only our own judges here in Britain would be so robust in defending the justice system from the encroachment of Shariah.

The Outlook article added:

The court said that though there exists disparity in the age of consent in so far as the Muslim Personal Law governing marriage is concerned vis-a-vis that of other religions, but there can be no two views that “there is as much need to protect young Muslim women from sexual abuse and exploitation as other women in India”.

“Muslim parents are as much entitled to protect their minor daughters from sexual abuse and exploitation as any other Indian irrespective of religious considerations. No separate parameters can be adopted for Muslim offenders only because the complainant happens to be from the same religion.

“No person can be permitted to make a mockery of secular criminal laws of India nor can any offender be permitted to take shortcuts by resorting to selective application of Sharia and Personal Laws in order to evade a criminal liability under the existing Penal laws,” the court said.

Maybe if Britain had Judges like Judge Lau, who were prepared to defend the constitution, the law and the concepts of equal and open justice, then we would not have had the disgusting spectacle of judges allowing savages to wear the Black Cloak of Death in British courts.

Shariah Law is abusive and unequal and should never be allowed to play a part in the legal systems of civilised countries. Judge Lau has quite rightly nailed Shariah back in its box in India, which begs the question, when will we see British judges who will do the same?



Indian Outlook magazine


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  1. Hi , thanks for posting a link from my country. You wont believe how these bearded savages want sharia laws to be passed in India..not till I am alive..over my dead body say most hindus :/

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