So this is where OUR money is going.


The blogger Kafircrusader has got a fabulous story on his site. Many of us look at the various Islamic organisations infesting British political life and think ‘now where do they get their money from?’ The answer is both scary and depressing. It appears that in Bolton at least, Islamic groups are sucking on the taxpayers teat to the tune of £1.1 Million Pounds. That’s over a million pounds that could be spent on something more useful to the community of Bolton than the Bolton Council of Mosques.

Kafricrusader said:

Following a freedom of information request made to Bolton Council, Kafir Crusaders can reveal that the Labour run council has given ‘Bolton Council Of Mosques’ in excess of £1.1 million in grants over the past 8 years.

The extremely large sum of money BCOM  received shocked me, i had been expecting a fairly large total given to Muslim organizations but certainly not that much. Nor did i expect to see it all going to a single Islamic group but lots of small amounts to several different groups.

So who are Bolton Council of Mosques  (BCOM) and what do they do?  

Their website states :  ”Representing all the 22 established mosques in Bolton with approximately 20,000 Muslims, BCoM is often seen as the gateway to the Muslim Community. It is an organisation that ensures that Muslims are represented at the highest levels, locally, regionally and indeed nationally”

Read the rest at:

Are you, like me, disgusted that British taxpayers are stumping up to fund just one particular Islamic group? It makes one wonder just what other Islamic groups are being handed money to spread and consolidate their vile unwanted ideology in the UK? How many other Labour party one party states are shovelling money into Islamic causes for political reasons, in other words buying the votes of those who in their countries of origin, are quite happy to see democrats and free thinkers oppressed by Shariah Law.

Supporting Islamic organisations, many of whose members follow an ideology that hates British culture, with public money makes no sense, no sense at all. It is as if during WWII the government was paying Oswald Mosley’s lot to make sure that the opinion of fascists was ‘represented at the highest level’.

Such payments should never have been permitted as they are nothing to do with community cohesion and everything to do with making communities more divided, encouraging more separatism and more enabling more opportunities for Islamic political advancement. None of these things are what this country either wants or needs.


Original story on Kafircrusaders


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  1. Furor Teutonicus | October 4, 2013 at 3:15 pm |

    This is not just Britain. similar is happening in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway…. etc, etc.

    Now, I LOVE Europe, I HATE the E.U. They are NOT the same thing.

    BUT we need to stand together!

    Muslims, are being financed BIG style, at the cost of our social systems.

    We MUST end this!

    • Fahrenheit211 | October 4, 2013 at 3:37 pm |

      Agree that it is a Europe wide problem that needs sorting. It cannot be sorted until the bleeding hearts are got out of the way first and more realistic people are in charge. This latest episode of jihad must be ended and ended soon.

  2. A great story if it were true. But it isn’t. Try finding anything on the web other than this outfit and, an anti-Muslim group.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 29, 2014 at 10:39 pm |

      Firstly, I got that story from a blogger called Kafircrusader whom I trust for the accuracy of their info. Extensive use of Kafircrusader’s Muslim Grooming Gang and Nonce Map has shown me that that site’s info can be trusted to be relatively accurate. The data also appears to come from an FOI request made by the Kafircrusader site. I disagree with some of the politics of BF but I would rather take information from those who are sceptical about the ideology of Islam than from the apologists for it who often deliberately overlook many of the problems that Islam causes both for Muslims and for others. In my view there is nothing at all wrong with being anti Islam, in fact it is the height of common sense to be opposed to this damaging ideology.

    • Furor Teutonicus | June 30, 2014 at 9:34 am |

      Considering, as I pointed out above, this is NOT just a British thing, then I go with the origional report as posted here.

      The local “super mosque” in Berlin, has recieved WELL over a couple of hundred thousand from the Berlin Senate (Including a VERY nice rebate on “local council charges” and the purchase price of the land it is built on. AS WITH EVERY MOSQUE!!) “Moslem womens self defence groups.” “Women only language courses” run by local community groups…. Now you tell ME why they are “women only,” Then go and see just WHO is taking advantage of this “offer.” “The Turkish/German community center.” Aye? YOU try booking an event there, if you are not Turkish moslem. Want beer? A pig roast? FORGET it. Go, in the hope of seeing a German face? Again FORGET it!

      EVERY “moslem soup kitchen” recieves grants from Senate (read US, the TAX payer!) And regularly turn away any one who is NOT moslem.

      It is not neccessarily, or ONLY the OPEN moslem groups that must be taken into account, but those that “hide” under moslem rules.

  3. Michael Frost | July 16, 2014 at 2:50 pm |

    If you bother to check with Bolton Council (as I did), you will find that far more money has been given to Christian groups and rather less to other faith groups in that same period. You need to publish both sides of the picture – not just a biased view!

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 16, 2014 at 3:06 pm |

      Mr Frost, I really have no issue with money being given to Christian or Jewish groups or whatever in order to fund commmunity services and stuff like that. There is nothing to fear from Christians and Jews. We have everything to fear from Islam which is not an ideology that has shown that it is able to live in peace with others anywhere in the world. Giving money to a friend, ie to a friend ie the Christians and Jews is completely different to giving money to an enemy, in this case Islam.

      The amount spent would be of less concern if it wasn’t for the knowledge that it is Muslims whose grooming gangs are raping their way across Britain, murdering British soldiers in the street, oppressing their own women, engaging in seditious activities and generally making life a bit more shit for the rest of us.

      Yes I am biased against Islam, but I am biased for some damn good reasons. Giving money to Bolton Council of Mosques is taking money away from the wider community which is not a good idea.

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