Lib Dem candidate sucks up to Islamic meat company in Herefordshire.

Cruel animal slaughter methods, coming to Herefordshire


Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Hereford, Lucy Hurds. A woman who seems even dumber than the dumb animal being slaughtered in the first picture.

Note:  Ms Hurds has made a public statement on this issue please see the addendum below.  This addendum also has reasons other than animal cruelty why Halal meat is a problem.

My contact in Hereford has sent me another example of how mainstream politicians are sucking up to Islam and Islamic organisations (see scan below).

A slaughterhouse in Weobley, Herefordshire has been bought by the PakMecca meat company at an auction in Ludlow.

Getting very quick out of the starting blocks to support this company is the local Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hereford, Lucy Hurds. She was positively gushing in her praise for this company and appears to be going out of her way to say to her potential voters ‘move along now, nothing to see here’.

Although this property has been an abattoir for a considerable time, what will go on there will not be, as Ms Hurds says, only ‘what has been going on before’. Halal slaughter is like no other form of ritual slaughter. Halal rules do not have the animal welfare safeguards that, for example, Kosher slaughter has. In halal slaughter there is no rule that says animals are not slaughtered in sight of other animals, which would give them distress, and there have long been suspicions that halal meat is so cheap because the slaughter conditions are so piss poor.

Halal slaughterhouses have also been accused of poor animal handling and slaughtering the animals in distressing conditions, or doing stuff that would be absolutely forbidden in kosher slaughter ie stabbing the neck of the live animal to bleed it out, rather than using a rounded ended blade that is more than razor sharp to open the arteries for exsanguination, as is the case with Kosher slaughter.

If you are going to have ritual slaughter then it must, as much as possible, be as far as practicable, cruelty free. There is no way on earth can Halal meat be called cruelty free, especially as animal after animal is slaughtered with a knife that gets progressively blunter after each cut, which causes progressively more pain to each succeeding animal. Unlike in Kosher slaughter, there is no requirement in Halal slaughter for the knife to be as sharp as possible and nick free, and because of this, animals suffer far more in halal butcheries than in almost any other type of meat production.

Unfortunately, even though Ms Hurds gushes profusely about ‘jobs’, this project will probably not bring jobs for local workers in the Herefordshire area as the slaughterer, according to Shariah Law, must be a pious Muslim and it is highly likely that many of the rest of the employees will be Muslim as well in order to comply with Shariah. Not only will it not bring jobs but it will bring more Muslims to Herefordshire, who will make the same outrageous demands for special or advantageous treatment as they do elsewhere in the UK.

Maybe Ms Hurds has one eye on the whipped or fraudulent ‘mosque vote’, that so often benefits Labour or Lib Dem politicians, but is a great detriment to both the indigenous population and those ex-Muslims who are fleeing from Islam in areas, like Tower Hamlets or Newham, where Muslims control a significant proportion of the vote,.

Ms Hurds and the local Liberal Democrats have nailed their colours to the mast on this one and have shown that in the future they will be as enthusiastic about giving Islam a political blow-job as they are elsewhere.

At least by speaking about this issue so enthusiastically Ms Hurds has given the people of Herefordshire a solid reason NOT to vote for the Liberal Democrats.

If you disagree with this Halal slaughter project then why not let Ms Hurds know about your view.  Please send her a (polite) missive via one of the following methods



or visit her website at .

She can be emailed at:

or she has a publicly published telephone number which is:

07827 011 611

Addendum: Ms Hurds has published a statement on her website (see the ‘more’ link on her site) clarifying the words that she used to the Hereford Times.  Ms Hurds said:

“When asked what I thought about the possibility of the site reopening by the local paper I said ;

     ‘If the codes of practice used previously were still enforced then I welcomed the site reopening, as a local abbatoir would be good for animal welfare as it would cut down travelling time and stress for the animals and transport costs for the farmers.  I expressed a hope that it would mean employment for local skilled and unskilled workers’.

I do not support any form of animal cruelty or practises that lead to animals suffering.”

Although this statement is welcome, it does raise questions about why Ms Hurds did not check to see if PakMecca was involved in ‘no-stun’ Halal meat before making her statement to the media.  PakMecca proudly advertise that they are a ‘gateway to the no stun halal market’ and this should have given Ms Hurds some clue as to what PakMecca were up to.

Apart from the undoubted much greater animal cruelty issues involved in Halal slaughter, when compared to both conventional and Kosher slaughter (there are things, such as ‘sawing’ at the neck of an animal with a knife, ‘pressing’ the knife against the animal and hanging the animal up by the legs whilst still alive which are allowed in Halal slaughter which are absolutely forbidden in both conventional and Kosher slaughter), there are other reasons to be opposed to Halal slaughter.

Firstly some of the money paid to the Halal certification authorities must under Islamic law be donated to specific ‘charitable’ causes.  This tax or Zakat, of 2.5% of the total wealth of the Islamic owner of the Halal enterprise is distributed to Islamic causes according to Shariah Law.  One of these causes is ‘those fighting in the name of Allah’.  In other words, when you purchase Halal meat, either knowingly or unknowingly (and there is a lot of supermarket meat that is Halal but this is not disclosed to the customer), you are helping to fund terrorism by those ‘fighting in the name of Allah’.

By buying Halal food or supporting Halal enterprises you are indirectly funding the bullets that are fired at British soldiers in places like Afghanistan, and the bombs planted by Jihadists that maim and kill people throughout the world.  This is not a prejudicial statement on my part, this is information that can be found in the pre-eminent Islamic guide to Shariah Law ‘The Reliance of the Traveller’.

The second reason for not supporting Halal is a theological one in that Christians and Jews are forbidden to eat food that is sacrificed to an idol or or a false god.    There some debate among Christians about whether Halal is food ‘sacrificed to an idol or false god, but the position of Jewish law or Halacha is quite plain in that because an Islamic prayer is offered up at the time of slaughter, and because Islam has set the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed up as a ‘Messenger’ from Allah, Islam is no longer classed as pure monotheism and could therefore be classed as ‘idol worship’.  Also Sikhs are forbidden to eat any meat that has been ritually slaughtered, and that goes for both Halal and Kosher slaughter.

If you are interested in the Christian perspective on this I would recommend that you read the piece below by the Christian theologian Dr Patrick Sookhdeo at the Barnabas Fund site.  For Orthodox Jews the fact that the name of the Islamic deity is pronounced and a declaration made by the slaughterer that ‘there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet’, the Shahada, would classify Halal meat as food sacrificed to an idol and therefore forbidden.

A Christian perspective on this issue ‘Christians should be cautious about eating Halal meat

An Orthodox Jewish perspective that views Halal meat as the same as any other non Kosher meat, ie it is considered as ‘Treifah’ or forbidden.,136400/Is-Halal-meat-Kosher.html

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  1. Hennie Fictorie | October 18, 2013 at 11:36 am |


  2. miss lawrence | October 18, 2013 at 12:17 pm |

    why? why? would you like this gone to you know your life means nout to any one and you had no love or care what a way to go out of this world and in the uk we are english so stop this now

  3. Paola Ballanti | October 18, 2013 at 6:04 pm |


  4. Shame on you basterds ! Stop this animalcruelty, in the name of my GOD, if he is there. Not? Than give your brain an injection, and go to sleep and burn in hell.

  5. All animals should be stunned,
    Practice it in your own country
    NOT the UK.
    A abbatoir in Witney turn cows upside down then slit there throats ,no stunning first
    This is what they want to do in weobley
    Stop the m getting a license now
    No local people will be employed ,they will bring there own from Birmingham
    Guaranteed .

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 3, 2014 at 6:20 am |

      I completely agree that this will bring no jobs for locals to Weobley and Lucy Hurds is a complete fool for unthinkingly backing it.

      I will disagree with you on one thing and I will tell you why. I would not completely ban slaughter without pre stunning because I’m not convinced that it is a black and white wrong, although others may think differently, I can see that. How an animal is handled prior to and during non stun slaughter makes a huge difference to the levels of distress in an animal. I’ve compared video of both Kosher and Halal slaughterhouses and I’m convinced that there are a huge number of animal handling abuses occuring in Halal slaughterhouses which are not, at least in Britain, happening in the Kosher establishments. It is very important in my mind to make a division between Halal and Kosher slaughter. These are just some of the differences in what I’ve noticed

      In Halal slaughter I’ve seen animals killed both in front of other animals of the same species and in front of other younger animals who may be the slaughtered animals offspring. This is forbidden in Kosher slaughter.

      In Halal slaughter I’ve seen animals placed in positions that do not encourage immediate cranial blood loss, and therefore instant unconcsiousness, this prolongs the death of the animal which is something not allowed in Kosher slaughter.

      In Halal slaughter I’ve seen killing knives used between animals without being properly sharpened, inspected and then sharpened again. This would be absolutely forbidden in Kosher slaughter. A non sharpened knife does not swiftly cut through to the required depth but also tears and drags at the skin of an animal causing pain.

      In Halal slaughter I’ve seen the wrong sort of knife being used lots of times. Practices such as ‘stabbing’ at the animals neck which are completely forbidden in Kosher slaughter are all too common in Halal places.

      There is a difference between Kosher and Halal slaughter and I think that it’s important to make that difference clear. What really should not be happening is ritually slaughtered meat, of whatever kind, being dumped on the open market. The legal exemption to pre stunning was done on the understanding that the resulting meat was only for the communities that require them. This part of the law has not been obeyed. What has happened is because halal slaughterhouse places are so piss poor in various ways their meat is cheaper than pre stunned meat which has helped it gain an increasing market share. Kosher meat on the other hand because of the strict animal welfare rules and religious checking that goes on is very often double the price of non-kosher meat from whatever source.

      Another reason why I’m against a complete ban on pre stunning is what about the person who keeps chickens, when they cull non laying hens will they face a mandatory expensive (and possibly traumatic for the bird) trip to an approved slaughterhouse instead of home killing the bird?

      I greatly dislike halal slaughter for the reasons I gave above but I would not deprive small peaceful communities such as Jews and Seventh Day Adventists of access to kosher meat. Ritually slaughtered meat should only be for those communities that require it, it should not be on the open market. It is often forgotten that Sikhs are forbidden ANY type of ritually slaughtered meat and not distinguishing ritually slaughtered meat also causes problems for them.

      You are dead right that this project will bring no benefits to Weobley. Ms Hurds needs to be punished at the ballot box for her mistake.

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