An acorn is planted and the opposition show the ugly face of their ideology.

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The first UK Pegida demonstration has taken place in Newcastle in the North East of England and although it was small, as initial demonstrations often are, and to my mind was significant for two reasons.

Firstly, there is the fact that this demonstration took place at all. For years the British people have been bombarded with propaganda saying ‘diversity is good’, ‘multiculturalism makes us stronger’ or accused of being ‘racist’ for pointing out the problems that making a political and cultural fetish of ‘diversity’ has caused. This fear of being called names has had an effect of silencing too many Britons who believe that the cult of diversity and multiculturalism has had a negative effect on their lives and the lives of their children. For far too long British people have been in denial of the fact that Islam is a clear and present danger, not only to Britain, but to ANY free society but recently there have been signs that more and more people are becoming aware of the problems that Islam is causing to Britain and its peoples. This demo is a sign that people are waking up to what Islam is doing to their communities. It was unfortunate that this demo was almost certainly infiltrated, by a few lunatic jackboot-lickers from the increasingly politically irrelevant National Front and other grouplets, either acting on their own initiative, or at the instigation of others. However, it appears from those reports that I’ve seen, that the majority of those demonstrating were ordinary Britons who, quite rightly, have had enough of Islamic extremism. Of course the mainstream media has concentrated on those few idiots who turned up with Nazi or Nazi style flags but the problem is that it is as difficult to prevent the attendance of ‘bedroom neo-nazis’ at events like these, as it is for Left wing demos to prevent the lunatics of the Stalin Society from attending their demonstrations. It is to be hoped that not too many people will not be fooled by the MSM’s attempt to paint the tiny minority of fraggles as representing the entirety of the British counter-jihad and anti-Islamification movements.

The second reason why this day was significant was the opposition. A motley crew of Muslims, dictator-fellators like George Galloway, extreme left trade unionists and members of political parties that have in some cases aligned themselves with Islamist thugs. The opposition, marching under the organisational banner of ‘Newcastle Unites’ is also attracting some pretty misguided and silly people who are under the misapprehension, according to some of the banners toted by the opposition, that by marching in support of those who follow the ideology of Islam, they are also marching in support of LGBT people, women and those in polyamorous relationships. Such people know not what they do because it can be proved beyond doubt now that where Islam either reigns or has political influence, the rights for women, LGBT people and those in polyamorous relationships are poor if not non existent. I would defy anyone with a brain to look at the sort of individuals who appear to make up the majority of the supporters of Newcastle Unites and think them the sort of people who have the best interests of the majority of Britons at heart?

The mainstream media, and I’m sad to say some counterjihad commentators who should know better, have concentrated on the fact that there were more of the opposition demonstrators than there were those marching in support of Pegida. Their plaintive wails of ‘Britain is finished’ fail to take into account that Pegida UK is a relatively new entry to the political scene and that the local police force did everything in their power to stymie the Pegida protest including moving the start time for the demo to the morning thereby, according to the organisers, robbing them of at least 1,000 participants who were unable to change previously booked travel arrangements. As someone who has organised and helped to organise demonstrations and public events in the past, I know that to get between 300 and 500 attendees to a demonstration at the early stages of a political campaign is not as shameful as it may look. Yes the Pegida UK organisers made a few mistakes, of which the most serious was scheduling the demo for a day when there is a football match, which give the police much more leverage and opportunities to piss the organisers of the demo about, and impose often bizarre and unexplainable conditions on organisers. Holding a demo at the same time as a major public event like a football match gives the police carte blanche to use ‘public order’ as an excuse to do whatever they, the police, want. Hopefully this sort of mistake will not be made again, but is the sort of mistake that many of us have made when organising things. If Pegida UK is to become more popular then it will have to sharpen up the organisational side of things and also have a well stated and well defined line in the sand that they do not cross when it comes to neo-Nazis both at their demos, which is I admit as I said earlier is quite difficult, and on their online presence, which is much easier for them to police internally.

Concentration on the numbers attending is also a bit misleading as it doesn’t take into account the fact that newer organisations take time to build up a network of contacts, administrative expertise, core membership and, equally importantly an outer core of supporters who can make up numbers at demonstrations. The political Left are, I’m sad to say, considerably advanced in these areas, and have a lot of resources. As a former person who has been active to a certain extent on ‘the Left’, I know that there would have been available to the Newcastle Unites organisers, a lot of trade union shop stewards, union full timers, Socialist Worker Party members and their followers, members of the local taxpayer funded diversity establishment and such other similar people who could easily be persuaded to turn out. They would also have a vast pool of thugs and useful idiots who will turn out for any old crap provided it has the word ‘equality’ attached to it. Chief among those in the ‘useful idiots’ category was one particular person whom I saw pictured among the opposition was the fool carrying a ‘Posh and Polyamorous People against Pegida’ banner. Does this deluded individual really believe that if Islam had any influence on politics and culture that they would be allowed to be polyamorous? I think not. If Poly people think they get a hard time from traditionalist Christians then I think that they will find that the Islamic alternative would be even worse. Poly and LGBT groups or individuals marching in support of Islam or against those who question the ideology of Islam is in my view, a suicidal act on the part of poly and LGBT people.

With the opposition the best way I could describe them as ‘never mind the quality, just feel the width’. There might have been a fair few of them, when compared to the Pegida marchers, but how many of them were what could roughly be called ordinary people rather than semi-professional activists, non-job holders and similar?

I’m pleased to see some form of public demonstration against Islam. I may not agree with all that Pegida stand for or indeed with some of those attending this demo, but speak out against Islam we must, because if we do not speak out against this fascistic ideology now, then we may find that we are unable to do so in the future.

Let’s hope that something positive grows from this. Britain needs a counter Islam movement that is as inclusive as it possibly can be and hopefully Pegida UK or similar groups can be that inclusive counter jihad movement. We should never forget that it is not just ‘white christians’ who are at risk from the ideology of Islam and its followers, there are others such as Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and others, many of whom have served this nation loyally and brought much to it who are equally and in some cases such as Jews and Hindus, considerably more at risk from this death cult called Islam. Always remember that it is not just one particular people or one particular nation which is threatened by the ideology of Islam, we all are. Islam is a problem because Islam brutally oppresses its own adherents and is a threat to all civilised humanity no matter what the race of the person or the beliefs that they may hold.

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  1. English...not many of us left. | March 2, 2015 at 3:33 pm |

    It’s a slow burn, but the populace seem to be,belatedly,
    waking up to the insanity and threat that the death-cult
    poses to the nation, a long haul I think, but the farthest journey starts with the first step.
    The fascists will appear in the guise of anti-fascists…
    don’t know who said that, but they were right on the money.
    And do the LGBT bunch, or whatever they are calling themselves
    this week, not realise their heads will be the first to be
    severed if/when the religion of peace take over the reins
    of this country?
    Or, they could choose to be thrown off a high roof.
    Choices, choices.

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