From Elsewhere: More Lib Dem ‘scummery’ from David Ward

David ‘The Jews’ Ward. The dishonourable Liberal Democrat  member for Hamastan.

The Liberal Democrat MP David ‘The Jews’ Ward is back in the news again.  This time for allegedly employing a member  of the extremist Muslim Public Affairs Committee in a constituency administration role.

The Harry’s Place blog said:

I started corresponding with David Ward MP by email, I thought maybe I could persuade him to talk to me about what it was he was trying to say when he alienated just about every Jew in England on Holocaust Memorial Day and during his rather clumsy attempts to explain himself afterwards.

The correspondence didn’t go anywhere it ended with him basically implying to me that rather than talk to him I should be campaigning against Israel on my own.

Fine, it was a longshot anyway, I let it go.

Then I got an email from his constituency assistant, Raza Nadim essentially telling me what I already knew, that the MP was simply too busy to talk to me. But I recognised the name Raza Nadim from somewhere and googled him, at which point I found a wealth of material about him. Mainly in the role of an MPACUK spokesman.

Here he is talking about the how Aafia Siddiqui, the woman named as an al Qaeda courier and currently serving 86 years for attempted murder of US forces in Afghanistan as well as assault is innocent. When she was arrested she had a list of targets in New York on her as well as well as bomb making information and chemicals.

Naturally according to Raza this is a put up job and it’s the duty of all Muslims to work to make her free.

So I emailed Raza asking him a bunch of questions about this but he didn’t reply, I emailed Ward and he didn’t reply either, I then called the constituency office, Raza was on “annual leave”, Ward was nowhere to be found.


The story can be found in the Jewish Chronicle here

It’s worth remembering a couple of things about MPACUK:

MPACUK is best known for the fact that co-founder Asghar Bukhari donated money to Holocaust denier David Irving and encouraged others to do so.

Raza Nadim called Zionists “the most vile animals to walk the earth” which is perfectly in line with regular MPACUK discourse.

MPACUK is one of only 5 groups to be banned from University campuses by the National Union of Students under their No Platform for Fascism and Racism policy. They’re on a very short list with distinguished organisations such as the BNP and Al Muhajiroun.”

Read the rest and see the videos at:

What a vile person Raza Nadim appears to be and what an error of judgement on the part of David Ward to employ such a person.  Sometimes we have to judge people like David ‘The Jews’ Ward by the company they keep.

If you need background to the story of David Ward then there is plenty on the Guido Fawkes site.  Guido has meticulously documented the utterances, half apologies and history of David ‘The Jews’ Ward.

Start with the Guido post below but he has plenty on Ward that can be found by using the search facility on Guido’s site.



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  1. My personal experiences of the last few and then looking at history has taught me one thing, if people are saying that they are loyal and trustworthy, they usually aren’t. If a political grouping say that they believe in helping the poorest, their interests are usually their own selfish ends. The likes of the UAF and these Liberals are anything but liberal and when it comes down to it nasty little anti-Semitic fascists masquerading as pro-Palestinian.

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