Is there anywhere in Britain which can be now described as being safe for women? Islamic rapists now strike in Eastbourne.

Eastbourne then


Eastbourne now. Another town infested by Islamic rapists


Thanks to Kafircrusader for this one.

We have become sadly used to seeing and reading about how a culture of rape and other sex crimes has grown up in Britain’s Islamic enclaves. Those who do not live in areas like Rotherham or Rochdale or Bradford may think that Islam inspired rapes are not a problem for them because they are in a different town or city. Those who think this way are wrong. Islam inspired rapes are all our problem.

The seaside town of Eastbourne, once a place where people aspired to retire to, is the latest place where Islamic rapists have struck.

Kafircrusader said:

Eastbourne detectives are hunting three men who dragged a woman from a town centre nightclub and sexually assaulted her in a nearby flat.

The trio are alleged to have left Cameo with the 22-year-old woman at about 1.20am on August 13.

Two of the men are holding her tightly by either arm in the CCTV image and the third was following. She was then taken to a flat and subjected to a sexual assault.

The first man was of Middle Eastern or North African appearance, aged 18 to 30, 5’6”, of medium build with short black Afro hair high on forehead, and possibly a moustache. He was wearing a black or dark blue and white horizontal striped t-shirt with a large green coloured rectangle on the back and blue jeans.

The second man was of Asian appearance, aged 18 to 30, 5’6” to 5’10, of slim to medium build with short wavy hair. He was clean shaven and was wearing a black top and carrying grey jacket over his left shoulder.

The third man was of North African or Middle Eastern appearance, aged 18 to 30, 5’6” to 5’10”, with short black Afro-style hair, sideburns and goatee beard. He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

Detective Constable Charlie Ward said, “We believe the victim was taken to a flat somewhere in the town and assaulted. Anyone who recognises these men or has any other information is asked to contact us via 101 or by emailing”

It is becoming plainer and plainer to see that Islam inspired rapes are not only confined to those areas that have become dangerously Islamified but are spreading throughout the nation. Although there is the standard description of one of the suspects as ‘asian’ in the police appeal, there is a strong likelihood that the other non-asian rapists are Muslim as well. The modus operandi of this crime stinks of violent Islamic misogyny and hatred of the non-Muslim. Islam sees us, the non-Muslims as sub-human, and when some Muslims get the opportunity to put that ideology into practice, we get crimes like this one.

If Islamic rapists can attack a woman in a place like Eastbourne, a place that used to be for families and the retired, then that means that nowhere in Britain could a woman be described as safe from Islamic sex attackers.

If you don’t believe me check out Kafircrusader’s helpful but frightening map of Islamic sex attacks which can be found HERE.

Islamic rapes and Islamic grooming gangs are an ongoing scandal. No other group goes in for the sort of conquest via rape, that the followers of Islam do. We can find rapists from other communities but they are individual sick, twisted individuals but none of them are inspired by their religious or ideological paths like the Muslim rapists are.

This is yet another example of the sort of ‘enrichment’ by Islam that we can all do without.


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