Trust the police? You must be joking.


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From the Parliamentary Sketch by Simon Carr of the Guido Fawkes site.

Lying, cheating, bearing false witness, blackmail, fitting up a Government minister, fabricating a police log, a grossly stupid – moronic, even – attempt at entrapment.

The full scale of the Plebgate police behaviour – its audacity, and scope – hasn’t sunk into the parliamentary consciousness. They wouldn’t be asking politely for an apology at the bar of the House but for a trial and jail terms”

The bent actions and lack of ethics of the police may be taking a long time to sink in with the Parliamentarians, but it is something that us ‘civilians’ have been having to put up with for years.

The out of control and often politically and culturally biased police that British people are having to put up with is becoming beyond a joke. When you see them doing things such as trying to fit up a Cabinet Minister and arrogantly believing that they could get away with it, it gives credence to the growing number of claims that police forces, have for years ignored things like Islamic Grooming Gangs, for the fear of being called racists and thereby affecting police officers careers. It is now obvious that the idea that that the police would sacrifice hundreds maybe thousands of young vulnerable women to rape gangs purely in order to cover their own arses, is not at all far fetched.

Of course we cannot trust the police, these days only the idiotic or naïve would do so. The fact that Britain’s police have fallen so far in the estimation of many, and not only because of the Plebgate affair, is something that should make us all concerned. If they are so beyond control that they act falsely towards a Cabinet Minister, what will they do to YOU, or your family?

Sir Robert Peel must be spinning in his grave. Sadly it has never been more important for the citizen to make sure that they record any and all interactions with the police, make sure that they are informed of their rights under PACE and similar legislation, and know the ground on which you stand to ensure that the police do not fit you up as they have attempted to do to Andrew Mitchell. We have a serious crime problem in Britain, the problem is sometimes the criminals are the police themselves.


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  1. Furor Teutonicus | October 29, 2013 at 8:54 am |

    XX for the fear of being called racists and thereby affecting police officers careers.XX

    Hmm “Careers.”

    Being the innocent little wall flower I am, that is something that has never bothered me.

    I am there to protect the innocent and kick the balls of the guilty.

    “If what you are doing is against the law, laddie, YOU are fucking NICKED!”

    REGARDLESS of race, hobby, politics, or gender (altered or not.)

    And if my Inspector, as the result of this weeks “target sheets” does not like it, FUCKING TOUGH PAL!

    I was always, and am, there to uphold the law. NOT a political fad.

    (Now maybe you see why I never made inspector?? 🙂 )

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