“We want to protect our children from the religion that wants to kill them” – Polynesians protest against Islam.

The people of Papeete, Tahiti don’t want a mosque there either.

It seems that the inhabitants of French Polynesia and in particular those of Tahiti have not only said that they have had enough of Islam and the problems that it brings, but have taken to the streets about it.

According to the French TV news programme Le Journal, hundreds of Polynesians turned out in what looked like a largely peaceful protest against Islam, that the protesters said was ‘not racist but realist’.

Check out the video from Le Journal below


It seems that the Polynesians do not want the ‘gifts’ that Islam all too often brings, the terror, the arrogance, the rapes, the veiled and oppressed women and the violence.

These Polynesians have seen what can happen when Islam is allowed a foothold, they may even have seen it happen to areas of France while Polynesians were visiting there, and they do not want it to happen to their islands, and who can blame them for not wanting to see their islands destroyed.

Polynesia, yet another place where Islam has made itself deeply unpopular, however this time the people are not taking the unwelcome injection of Islam lying down.


Hat Tip Harry’s Place