From Elsewhere: Sticking the textual boot into Bob Pitt of Islamophobia Watch


Bob Pitt, the Islamo-fellator from Islamophobia Watch. People like this are just as dangerous as the bearded Islamic murderer with a bomb because people like Pitt give cover to the supporters of such murderers and try to prevent adverse criticism of the ideology that drives them.

You may or may not have come across the website of the group Islamophobia Watch run by the extreme left winger Bob Pitt, but the Howies Corner blog shines a little light on Bob Pitt’s extreme Islamophillia.

Howies Corner said:

“There’s a website run by former Workers Revolutionary Party apparatchik, Bob Pitt, disingenuously called Islamophobia Watch.  The WRP, of which Pitt is a former member was hardly a good training ground to learn about such matters as women’s rights, democracy or the dangers of pandering to the murky world of Middle Eastern politics.  Two words: Gerry Healy.

Still people change don’t they? Well not always for the best. Islamophobia Watch is not a pleasant place to visit. It’s a mix of real news about problems faced by Muslims with a hefty dose of bile aimed at anyone who dares to raise any criticism of any part of Islam whatsoever. That includes atheists and secularists who actually argue against all religion not that that’s ever bothered Pitt himself.

Every critic, every criticism of Islam or any Muslim is “Islamophobic”. and if you are noticed by this one-man  crusade you’ll likely end up being painted as the “Great Satan” himself in the hallowed pages of Pitts view of the world.”

Read the rest here:

The WRP was a deeply unpleasant misogynist organisation where the leader, Gerry Healy, sexually assaulted women members and brainwashed its members into suffering extreme hardships to advance the WRP’s form of socialism.

A former member of a party that treated women like dirt, no wonder Bob Pitt is so in love with the woman hating culture of Islam.