From Elsewhere: The rampant gay-hatred of some of the Left’s heroes.

Despite a lot of posturing by the political Left regarding equality for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people, the actions, not the words, of many Leftist groups show that their heroes and those that they co-operate with are anything but tolerant. It has been well documented that political entities, from the Labour party leftwards, may speak equality, but co-operate and admire some deeply worrying gay hating individuals and ideologies. The right to not be refused service in a pub because you are gay, cannot be anything like a realistic moral counterbalance to leftist groups and parties backing the deeply homophobic ideology of Islam, nor having so-called heroes like Che Guevara .

This article from Front Page Magazine by Humberto Fontova, takes an incident at a Cuban Embassy when Guevara noticed a book by a gay poet, whipped it from the bookshelf and screamed ‘filthy faggot’.

Mr Fontova said:

A year after Che Guevara’s tantrum against “filthy f*ggots!” the regime he co-founded began herding tens of thousands of Cuban men and boys into forced labor camps for the crime of fluttering their eyelashes, flapping their hands,  wearing tight pants, talking with a lisp, listening to rock music, etc. Indeed, the regime hailed by rockers from Carlos Santana to Bonnie Raitt, from Stephen Stills to Chrissie Hynde and from Jackson Browne to Jimmy Buffet coined a new term for criminal activity within its Stalinist realm:  “Elvispresleyism.”

Tens of thousands of Cuban youths were jailed and tortured for nothing worse than long hair, tight pants and fondness for “Yankee-imperialist” Rock & Roll. Any gay mannerisms made their punishment all the worse. Those Hollywood stereotypes of bigotry and brutality by backwoods American bigots against “long-haired queers! “Dirty hippies! etc.” were indulged  90 miles from U.S. shores by  the very heroes of those hippies: Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. The type of violent  bigots demonized in Easy Rider, Alice’s Restaurant, Gimme Shelter,  Joe, etc. were ruling Cuba with the very brutality that characterize American hippies’ worst nightmares—while being idolized by American hippies!”

The Left has too often spoke of peace and equality for LGB people whilst lionising and facilitating those who would kill or oppress those who are LGB. This has been the reward for LGB people mistakenly seeing the Left as their natural home.