There is really no other word that could be used to describe ‘men’ who raped a three year old girl. Not even children are safe from harm in the self described ‘land of the holy places’.

The Emirates 24/7 website said:

Several men abducted a three-year-old Saudi girl and took turns in raping her before dumping the child near a hospital in a serious condition.

Disclosing the crime on Monday, police said they had arrested three suspects and two women and that more could be arrested in connection with the rape.

Doctors at the hospital in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah said the child was found crying and in serious condition in front of the hospital on Ramadan 13, adding that she is still in the intensive care unit struggling for her life.

She has been raped violently by some men. She was found crying of excruciating pain as her body was full of bruises and her sensitive parts were ruptured,” hospital manager Mohammed Ali said, quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz.

These are human wolves and worse than animals.”

Personally, I think that describing these barbarians as ‘wolves’ is grossly unfair to wolves.