From Elsewhere: A week of Bearded Savagery in Britain

Read this, but do not weep, but instead get angry. This by Paul Wilkinson from the Cherson and Molschky site, and referenced throughout with published and trusted sources, is just one week of Islamic Bearded Savagery in Britain.  Terror promotion, violence, the issuing of death threats, sex offences, all from one minority in one week.

No other religious or cultural group commits disturbances of the peace or make such outrageous and unnecessary demands as much as the followers of Islam.  Britain’s Christians, Sikhs, Jews, Hindus and others do not threaten violence or have an overblown sense of entitlement such as possessed by too many Muslims.

This is a fabulous piece and should help people see the extent of the problem.

Remember this is just one week of Bearded Savagery in Britain. Other weeks are sadly often similar.

Paul Wilkinson said:

“The celebrants of multiculturalism constantly remind us of never-ending invigorating cultural enrichment, so just for fun, I thought I would make a note of some stories involving Islam or Muslims in Britain over a one week period.

The week I happened to choose was between Thursday 23rd January and Wednesday 29thJanuary 2014. There was nothing significant about those dates, and it was selected entirely at random.

To set the scene, just before the week in question commenced, the Home Office announced that high-risk terrorists will be released from prison and will not be monitored properly, to protect their human rights; a Muslima redefined British legal history as she stood trial in a full face veil; there were reports of a serial flasher (urinating) in the Blackburn/Accrington area; an Islamic teacher guilty of groping pupils; and reports of murders and rapes going unreported in no-go zones for police as minority communities (AKA ‘Muslim’) launch their own justice systems.

So what could happen in the week I chose? Having followed the exhilarating enrichment that Muslims bring to the rich tapestry of modern Britain for a few years now, I was certainly not counting anything either in or out, so here goes! It really was like having a blank canvas!”

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I’ve written before on here, in various posts, about how Britain has done well out of some of its immigrants.  There are immigrants who brought us new industries, scientific advancement, cultural growth, entrepreneurship and that quite rightly should be celebrated.  Sometimes Britain has so throughly embraced a new, but foreign idea, that it has become, ironically,  a symbol of Britishness.  If you like fish and chips for example, you are eating a dish created and brought here by Sephardic Jews, many, many years ago.

But the culture of Islam, almost alone of all the immigrant Christian and non-Christian cultures that now have a home in the UK, has contributed absolutely nothing to Britain. Individual Muslims may have contributed, but Islam as a whole has not given and has only taken.  Islam is not the grateful stranger thankful for being given a new home or a new opportunity, Islam is an ungrateful and thankless incubus on many societies not only that of the UK.

It is time that we all realised that although individuals are equal and should be protected, ideologies are not equal and should not be equally protected.