Here’s a little game you can play with the Tell Mama organisation.


If you go on the Tell Mama Twitter feed ( @TellMamaUK )you will occasionally see statements from them saying that so and so in such a place has been arrested for online criticism of Islam. However there is hardly ever any detail to their statements. They may mention a town or a region but attempts to find out whether this is truly the case often comes to naught. On at least one occasion when I saw one of these statements, I searched for confirmation from PR statements, police tweets etc from the relevant police forces but there was absolutely nothing to confirm that such an arrest had taken place.

Now our politically correct police are normally very quick off the mark to announce arrests of this sort but nothing is to be found so why no official arrest announcement?

Why don’t you try this little game. Whenever Tell Mama come out with a statement of arrest, ask them for confirmation. Ask them for a link, an official police announcement other searchable confirmation of the arrest and you will receive, as I have, nothing but silence.

This has led me to come to the conclusion that many of the ‘arrests’ announced by Tell Mama are either being announced by mistake, or these arrests have never happened.

I’m pretty convinced that in at least some of these ‘arrest’ announcements, there is the distinct aroma of bovine faeces. Why not try for yourself and see if you get the same ‘null response’ as I have had from Tell Mama?