Up to 80 victims in latest alleged Islamic Grooming Gang case.


This piece from Kafircrusader tells us of another horrendous grooming gang coming to light in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

There are no names of suspects yet, but the modus operandi and the type of victims involved are very similar to what we have seen in some of the more high-profile Islamic Grooming Gang cases that have already come to court.

Kafircrusader said:

Police officers in Newcastle involved in the investigation Operation Sanctuary have now arrested 30 people on suspicion of conspiracy to rape following raids over the past two weeks.Women and teenagers with addiction problems and learning difficulties are among those police believe have been targeted by men for sex. Northumbria Police now have a list of 80 teenage girls and vulnerable women they now need to speak to who they believe are either victims or witnesses of the sexual exploitation.In the first operation 27 people were quizzed by police, including two women. Three further arrests were made on February 4. All of them are currently on bail pending further enquiries……the alleged victims may have frequented business premises in the city which brought them into contact with men and taxis used to transport them to different addresses. “

There are some uncanny similarities in the Newcastle cases to Islamic Grooming Gang cases elsewhere. The business premises, probably Halal fried chicken or kebab shops, the gang style offences, the alleged involvement of taxi drivers, the picking on vulnerable women and girls (at least one is said to have learning difficulties) and the allegations of the use of alcohol and drugs as part of these offences. All these things scream ‘Islamic Grooming Gang’ to me, and probably to many others as well. Couple that with the fact that police are focussing their investigation on Wallsend, an area that is said to have a significant number of the followers of Islam, and the likelihood that this will turn out to be another Islamic Grooming Gang is looking very strong indeed.

For too long, many police forces have failed to deal with the Islamic Grooming Gang scandal. They pussy-footed around Islamic communities and dismissed the complaints and evidence that was being given to them about these gangs. Belatedly, many police forces are now starting to deal with Islamic Grooming Gangs and because of this the scale of this problem is only now starting to become clear. Thousands of British girls have been raped, sold, branded, abused, degraded and the police did bugger all about it. They should be extremely ashamed of such a blatant and disgusting dereliction of duty.

It is very difficult to respect the police when the police have in the past shown not the slightest bit of respect to many victims of Islamic Grooming Gangs. Now that the police are starting to pull their fingers out, anybody who is, or has been, or who is a friend or relative of someone who is being sexually exploited like this, should approach specialist rape investigation officers in their police area. This depraved scourge must be dealt with.