Fisking the latest ‘Syrian Jihadi’ story

Syria, attracting violent Islamic nutters like a steaming turd attracts flies.

It seems as if another unwanted violent Bearded Savage has been killed fighting for Jihadist groups in Syria, this time it appears that the Jihadist has roots in Manchester. Here’s the Sky News report in bold with my comments in plain text.

Sky News said:

Police investigating the reported death of a British citizen in Syria are searching a house in Manchester.

What it is with the word ‘British’ being used here? This latest dead savage was killed fighting for an ideology that is opposed to British values, why call him British?

Police said they would not be confirming the identity of the individual, but he was named elsewhere as Anil Khalil Raoufi, known as Abu Layth.

He reportedly died fighting with a militant group in the north of Syria.

For ‘militant groups’ instead read: ‘bunch of violent Islamic psychopaths who delight in killing all those who are either not Muslim or are the wrong sort of Muslim’.

Detective Chief Inspector Will Chatterton, of the North West Counter-Terrorism Unit, said they were speaking to the family of the man apparently killed in the latest incident “to understand how a man from the North West came to be reportedly killed in Syria”.

Speaking to the family? You should be bundling them up into a van and sending them off for citizenship removal and deportation if they knew what was going on with Raoufi and his Syrian misadventure.

“As part of the National Prevent Strategy officers are working to assess how people are drawn into travelling to Syria to become involved in conflict and how to prevent others doing the same,” he said.

If you are looking for a reason why people suddenly get it into their heads to travel to Syria to murder people on the grounds of religion then there should be some clues to be found I this book.

The Islamic ‘Big Book of Death’

“Residents will naturally be concerned about today’s activity but I can reassure them that there is no threat to the wider community.

So what aspect of firearms trained, highly motivated, Britain hating Islamic psychopaths would the police advise the public to be worried about? If the police say that there is no threat to the wider community what about the hundreds of other head-case Jihadis who have British passports and are either behaving murderously in Syria or wanting to be murderous in the UK when they return?

“There is widespread concern about the situation in Syria and other conflict zones and the way that some will be driven to travel there to engage in humanitarian work or to take part in the fighting.

This is Islam we are dealing with here Officer, I think you will find that their Big Book of Death puts more emphasis on killing infidels rather than running hospitals.

“We know that some have already lost their lives or been detained by the regime and badly treated. It is vital that anyone who has concerns that someone may be considering such travel informs the authorities.”

But people from the Islamic community in Britain are not in the main, as far as I can make out, if they know about these Syria jihad trips, informing the authorities. Now why could that be? Is it that they know that it would be wrong under Islamic law to prevent someone from going on Jihad? Could it even be that they believe in violent jihad themselves to some extent?

Dozens of Britons are believed to be fighting for opposition forces in Syria, while other UK citizens have travelled to the country to join humanitarian efforts. 

Two more misplaced and wrongly used words. Firstly as I’ve said before the use of the word ‘British’ to describe these Jihadis, and secondly the use of the words ‘opposition forces’, surely they mean ‘violent gangs of Islamic murderers.

One woman in Disbury was quoted as telling reporters that Abu Layth had been very friendly and enjoyed football with another youngster on the street but then changed his appearance and habits around three years ago.

So over the course of three years Anil became more and more extreme in his dress and attitudes and nobody thought to think: ‘Hmm! This dude is looking and acting more and more like a dangerous jihadi everyday, I must contact the police’. This sort of comment is very much like the statements made by neighbours of unmasked serial killers who say things like ‘well I knew nothing because he kept himself to himself’.

“When you spoke to Anil on the street he would not say hello like the others did,” she said.

“He started wearing the robes as well. I was quite frightened of him a little bit. He was not the same.”

Yet more clues as to Anil’s descent into Jihadi madness and again nothing said and nothing done about it.

Another neighbour said he was studying mechanical engineering at university and his mother was heavily involved in the local neighbourhood watch scheme.

Mechanical engineering, what a useful subject for the budding bomb or weapon maker it may have given this particular Bearded Savage the skills to know not to accidentally explode himself or not have a gun blow up in his face. If his mother was involved I Neighbourhood Watch then it is highly likely that she would have come into contact with those who may have apprehended this jihadi before he shipped off to Syria for a bit of Islamic violence.

The investigation was not believed to be related to reports that a UK citizen, who used the name Abu Suleiman al Britani, drove a lorry into a jail in Aleppo and detonated a bomb last week.

Police searched a house in Langley Green, West Sussex in connection with that inquiry on Wednesday.

As we can see here, Anil is not the only violent Islamic nutter that has come from Britain to Syria. Thankfully these two are dead and are now unable to bring terror home, but you will not be surprised to find out that there are many more ‘British’ Muslims fighting in places like Syria for causes and ideologies that are anathema to us, the British people. What these people are fighting for is not a mistaken desire for equality and brotherhood as with the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War and neither are they fighting to liberate an ancient homeland as was the case with those who fought the British to secure Israel as a national Jewish home. What these Jihadis are fighting for is oppression and the right for Islamic groups to oppress others.

We should not grieve for such people who fight the Islamic jihad for they are enemies of Britain and its people.