Justice in court at last for the Rigby family but vengeance on those who allowed this to happen is still required



The courts have spoken and the Muslim murderers of British soldier Lee Rigby have started life sentences. One of them, Adebolajo got a whole life sentence and the other scumbag, Adebowale got a minimum of life with a minimum term of 45 years, which is in effect a whole life sentence. The final disposal of this case was held up while Judges in the Court of Appeal decided whether or not the whole concept of ‘whole life sentences’, which are reserved for the worst sort of offenders, was compatible with EU human rights rules.

It is good that the two Islamo-murderers will never again be allowed out on the streets again and that the family and friends of Lee Rigby will at last have some form of closure.

However, the permanent clanging shut of the cell doors on these two Islamo-scum should not be the end of the case. There is still the matter of those politicians who appease Islam and who by their actions allowed radical Islam to grow like a cancer in the United Kingdom. Such people by their policies have created the current appalling situation.

The death of a British solider on a London street is so horrific that it requires some form of vengeance. Not the sort of vengeance that involves burning down mosques or attacking random Muslims in the street, that would be wrong, but instead political vengeance. In May 2014 there will be elections in Britain for seats at the European parliament and certain local authorities. This will be your chance to vote out those representatives who pander to Islam.

Find out which of your candidates are sucking up to Islam and vote against them. Vote against the Labour Party which opened the doors of this country to mass and unwanted immigration. Vote against David Cameron’s Conservatives because after the Lee Rigby murder Cameron was straight onto the airwaves to speak gross untruths such as ‘nothing to do with Islam’. Vote also against the Lib Dems who so often pander to Islam and want to hand over the country to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Vote instead for independents and those non-racist parties that are sceptical about Islam.

Never forget Fusilier Rigby and never forget the politicians who let him and the rest of us down.

Avenge Lee Rigby at the ballot box. Make the politicians pay for their pandering and their errors.



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4 Comments on "Justice in court at last for the Rigby family but vengeance on those who allowed this to happen is still required"

  1. James Strong | February 26, 2014 at 6:36 pm |

    BBC Radio 4 news reported that the judge said, when sentencing the murderers, that their actions had been a ‘betrayal of Islam’.
    If the BBC report is accurate and the judge really did say that, then it is worrying. There was no need to say anything at all about it, and that is much preferable to saying what he is reported to have said.

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 27, 2014 at 6:28 am |

      I understand from my recall of the Sky News report the ‘betrayal of Islam’ comment did come from the Judge. If the comment is correct then this is a Judge who knows bugger all about the religion of death and destruction.

  2. Paris Claims | February 27, 2014 at 7:22 am |

    This barbaric act was a perfect example of islam in action,

  3. Maurice Dancer | February 27, 2014 at 8:54 am |

    Yes, this ‘betrayal of Islam’ is being peddled across numerous media outlets – as if these two butchers were somehow exceptions amongst the multitude of peaceful muslims. Well, cast your eyes around the world…what an awful lot of exceptions; so many ‘misunderstanders of Islam’ – Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Kenya, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Pakistan; hundreds/thousands of ‘European’ jihadists on the march…7/7, Lee Rigby, Madrid bombing, Malmo rape epidemic, Theo Van Gogh, Toulouse murders, which, judging by the graffiti in the banlieues, were much appreciated. Hell, I just don’t know where these ‘Islamophobes’ are getting their crazy ideas.
    Infidels are caught in a pincer movement – the gradual Islamisation of their countries by demographics & growing political influence; by media whitewash; by kowtowing, taqiyya-spouting pols; & by proven physical threat – the expanding no-go zones, with their rampant hostility, menace & contemptuous criminality. Muslims are devious; they are also full of explosive anger, much of it, if they were truthful, anger at themselves. Being told you are superior but, every minute of every day, seeing that the modern world has been built by non-muslims, & knowing, in your heart, that every one of your countries is a basket case, produces a monumental inferiority complex.
    Is it any wonder, as opinion polls show, that all so many of us kufir want from muslims is distance?

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