February 2014 British Neville Chamberlain of the Month Award

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It’s that time of the month again when I pick out a dangerous or deluded appeaser of Islam for your delectation and disgust. Sadly, today’s ‘Neville’ is yet another UK police officer from the West Midlands Police in this case the Chief Constable of West Midlands, Chris Sims.

It is under Mr Sim’s watch that Sparkbrook in Birmingham has become a haven for Jihadis and Jihad supporters and the fraudulent ‘hate crime monitors’ of Tell Mama have been invited into WMP to act as third party ‘hate crime reporters’. To invite Tell Mama to take part in police work is, because of the allegations of dishonesty on the part of Tell Mama, a bit like putting a convicted rapist in charge of a women’s refuge or a bank robber in charge of a bank.

It is not just the dodgy people who have become involved in policing in the West Midlands during Mr Sim’s tenure that is a cause for concern, Mr Sims has been forced to publicly deny allegations from the Chief Inspector of Police, Tom Winsor, that in some cases each religious, cultural and racial group has been left alone to enforce their own version of ‘justice’ on certain matters instead of the police enforcing the general UK law. The allegation stated that even in offences of child abuse and murder the various ethnic and cultural groups in Birmingham are not contacting the police but are instead dealing with the issues themselves.

Chief Constable Sims said in his rebuttal of the allegations to the Birmingham Express and Star

“There is no evidence to suggest that the under reporting of crimes is a significant issue here in the West Midlands and that some communities therefore feel compelled to take the law into their own hands. However we’re not complacent and we know there’s always more we can do to build trust and confidence. In fact, I would very much welcome the opportunity to see any evidence which supports Mr Winsor’s bold claims.

“As a force we enjoy excellent relationships with the diverse communities we serve and positively encourage members of the public report crimes to us.

“Major events such as the terrorist attacks on mosques across the Black Country last year saw key community representatives stand shoulder to shoulder with the police throughout the investigation and beyond. This is a typical example of our strong links with the community.”

I’m tempted to agree with the Express and Star commentator who said ‘well he would say that wouldn’t he?‘ I noticed also that he highlighted the attacks on mosques but not the fact that Jihadis and Jihad supporters were able to raise funds and flit backwards and forwards to dodgy places without any let or hindrance from West Midlands Police. Like too many of our craven and incompetent police Chief Constable Sims appears to be ramming the ‘mosque bombing’ down people’s throats whilst not doing much about the the growth of Islamic extremism in his area. WMP also appear to have done very little up till now to deal with the scourge of Islamic Grooming Gangs that are operating in his police area.

Chris Sims appears to be rapidly becoming one of Britain’s most ‘Shariah Law friendly copper’ and that is an accolade that no police officer should be happy to have.

Therefore, because of the growth of jihadism in Birmingham, the far too belated action taken against Islamic Grooming Gangs and the fact that his force is far too close to the mountebanks and mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama, Chief Constable Chris Sims is this months ‘British Neville Chamberlain of the Month’ winner.

May I suggest that Mr Sims returns to the National Police Improvement Agency and learns how to enforce the law, effectively and without fear or favour, for which he is being paid the handsome sum of over £170,000 of taxpayers money.


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  1. Paris Claims | March 3, 2014 at 7:15 am |

    A worthy contender, no doubt. However the judge who told the machete two that they had “betrayed islam” must surely take the award.

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