It’s always ‘some else’s problem’ when it comes to Islam isn’t it?


The news that the Muslim population of British prisoners has doubled in a decade has been greeted by whining, excuse making and a blast of mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya from Islamic groups.

The Independent Newspaper said:

The number of Muslims in the prison population has more than doubled to nearly 12,000 in a decade, figures from the Ministry of Justice show.

The dramatic rise prompted calls for ministers to investigate whether police and the courts are treating Muslims more harshly, with some suggesting the rise is due to Islamophobia.

Muslims represent only 4.7 per cent of the population in England and Wales, according to the most recent Census, yet one in seven prisoners (14 per cent) in England and Wales is a Muslim, according to the statistics.

In some jails the proportion of Islamic inmates is more than one-third, and in Whitemoor, a Category A prison in Cambridgeshire, it is as high as 43 per cent.

The Muslim prison population has increased from 5,502 (7.7 per cent) in 2002 to 11,729 in 2013 (14 per cent) and is set to continue rising rapidly because of the large numbers of Muslim teenagers in youth jails.

Other jails with a startlingly high proportion include Isis (34 per cent) and Feltham (33 per cent), both in London.

Some research suggests around one-third of Muslim inmates are from Caribbean or African backgrounds.”

Despite it being quite obvious to me and anyone who has spent any time in some of Britain’s more Islamised areas, why there are more Muslims in prison, because they are committing more serious imprisonable crime, that has not stopped the Islamophobia whiners from ululating wildly and desperately trying to deflect attention away from that fact.

The Indy quoted three Islamo whiners in their story so let’s look at each of them in turn.

Muzammil Quraishi, a senior lecturer in criminology and criminal justice at Salford University, said: “Young Muslim men are under the official gaze from their school days onwards – they have the lens of the state turned on them. Certain populations can become suspect populations in the eyes of the law enforcement agencies.”

Has it every occurred to you Muzammil that there may be a reason why the Muslim population is being looked at and being seen as suspect? Could it be nothing to do with being subjected to unnecessary attention and more to do with the idea that the followers of Islam are more liable to be criminal or hostile to the values and mores of the host society. The experience of the Netherlands where Muslims are overwhelmingly more likely to be involved in crime (22 times more likely to be guilty of a violent crime than other Dutch) gives the lie to this persons statement about the oppressive ‘official gaze’

“Amal Imad, of the charity Muslim Aid, suggested that poor educational performance, problems finding fulfilling jobs and family breakdown were factors in the increasing numbers of Muslims behind bars. She said: “It may be that they can’t integrate into society, they don’t think they have a positive chance to integrate into society.”

But why are these young Muslims having poor educational performance? It is not a problem with Hindus or Sikhs or anybody else from South Asia is it? Could it be that Amal Imad chooses not to see the problems caused to their own people by Islamic theological, cultural and social patterns? The effects of the genetic disaster of Islamic cousin marriage, the separatism, the hostility towards the host non-Muslim community all are factors as to why Muslims are more likely than some other similar groups to end up committing crimes. Sorry Amal, but those of us who have had the misfortune to observe Islamic society in Britain close up, can see you are talking bullshit.

“Mizanur Rahman, a spokesman for the organisation Muslim Prisoners, blamed the spike on Islamophobia and racism among police officers.”

This statement is incredibly easy to dismiss. Far from the British police having a downer on the ideology of Islam, they seem to have a downer on those who are opposed to the ideology of Islam. Rahman’s statement flies smack into the face of evidence when you consider how Islamic Child Rape gangs were allowed to operate virtually unhindered in many different police areas for nearly 20 years. There is no ‘Islamophobia’ in the British police, if anything the police pander far too much to the followers of Islam. There are many British people of all skin colours and of all religions and none who would quite like the British police to get a whole lot more ‘Islamophobic’ on these bastards arses.

I’m not surprised to see the Indy carrying this Islamic whine-fest and neither am I surprised to see that they are not asking any of the awkward questions that need to be asked about this subject. There was no mention for example of the admittedly small but growing number of originally non-Muslim child molesters who are converting to Islam whilst in prison on the grounds that Muslims are less likely to want to chop up a nonce than the non-Muslim prison population. There was no mention of the insidious practice of prison conversions where Afro-Carribean prisoners are being ‘invited’ to become Muslim whilst in prison, for reasons of protection and then these new Muslims being co-opted into Muslim gangs when they leave prison.

If Muslims are making up 1 in 7 of our prison population then doesn’t that indicate which proportion of Britain’s Muslim guests are likely to be a potential problem for the future?

So the one in 20 of our population which is Muslim is creating 1 in 7 of our prisoners, those figures are not the fault of racism or adverse discrimination, they are the fault of Muslims themselves.

This is not something that the Islamo-Whiners can pass off as ‘somebody else’s fault’.

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  1. What percentage of prisoners are Chinese? Is it less than the percentage of Chinese people in the UK? If so why?

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