From Elsewhere: Savages riot again in Jerusalem

About the only thing that will stop a Bearded Savage rioting, everything else has been tried

About the only thing that will stop a Bearded Savage rioting, everything else has been tried

Sorry about the unusually angry tone of the piece below but I along with many others are getting sick of both Islamic violence and the way that various nations pussy foot about dealing with it.


Just like clockwork and almost as regular as the rising and setting of the sun, Islamic savages have rioted again in the Israeli capital city, Jerusalem.

The Virtual Jerusalem website said:

Dozens of Arab youth rioted in Jerusalem on Friday, as they tried to break through police barriers by the Shalem police station near the Damascus Gate, located on the eastern end of the Old City’s northern wall.

Police used riot dispersal means to push them back; no injuries were reported on either side.”

These savages do not just need to be dealt with by ‘riot dispersal means’ they need a shot of something, preferably something like a .303.

Virtual Jerusalem added:

Hundreds of Jerusalem police on Friday began taking position around the Temple Mount in preparation for the end of Muslim prayers, when intelligence reports earlier in the day revealed Arab riots were planned to be held.

In response, police placed limits on Muslim visitors. Jerusalem police commander Nitzav Yossi Pariente ordered that only Muslim men over the age of 50, and women of any age, be let into the Temple Mount, and additionally only those with blue teudot zehut (identification cards), held by Israeli citizens and residents.”

Of course these riots were planned, they happen whenever there is a Jewish festival or whenever some Imam or other Islamic personage winds up the savages into rioting, not that the savages need much encouragement to riot because they kick off on a regular basis. Violence is never far from the surface when it comes to too many of the followers of Islam. It was an eminently sensible policy by the Israeli police to restrict the very demographic that is most likely to riot, which is young, male uneducated Bearded Savages. The policy doesn’t prevent Muslim people from worshipping their dodgy deity or their paedo prophet but only excludes those most liable to kick off.

Virtual Jerusalem continued:

Further, police cleared the Sultan Suleiman road located just outside the Damascus Gate earlier on Friday.

All those wishing to enter the Old City through the Damascus Gate were subject to a thorough search, in an attempt to prevent the reportedly planned riots. The area is a frequent scene of disturbances, as well as numerous stabbing attacks targeting Jews.”

The poor Israelis and especially Jerusalemites are being pushed almost beyond endurance by attacks from Islamic thugs.

Virtual Jerusalem said:

The Temple Mount was closed to Jewish visitors by police on Wednesday and Thursday following Arab rioting on Wednesday at the Temple Mount, when firecrackers and rocks were hurled at police. 

The most recent spate of clashes on the Temple Mount started on Monday morning before Passover, when dozens of Hamas activists took over the holy site while waving Hamas flags and barring Jewish visitors from entering.

Oh look, more ‘Islamic tolerance’ on show from the so called ‘Palestinians’. These Muslim squatters, many of whom originally hailed from what is now Jordan or Egypt or Saudi, were offered their own state in 1948, which they refused and instead started a war against the Israelis which they lost. Surely they should now be told to put up and shut up and act like civilised human beings or f**k off? Pandering to them or treating them with kid gloves hasn’t worked and the Muslim nations will never give up wanting to kill Jews because that desire is hard wired into their theological DNA and has been so since the days of the ‘prophet’ Mohammed. No matter what the Israeli government does with regards to the ‘Palestinians’ it will never be enough because the cause of the conflict is not land or jobs or opportunities but the ‘Palestinian’ desire to kill Jews.

It’s time to put these bastards ‘under heavy manners‘ and not just in Israel either, they need to be put ‘under heavy manners’ wherever they kick off or threaten to kick off.

I would be happier if there could be peace between the Children of Israel and the Children of Ishmael, but you cannot and should not make peace with those who have a raging desire to kill you. Such people will feign peace and then cut your throat while you are sleeping or when you drop your guard. Maybe we will have to wait for the coming of the Messiah for a time when the descendants of the two half-brothers Isaac and Ishmael water their sheep together in peace. Until such time maybe the gun in the hands of a properly authorised police officer or soldier is the only way to deal with Islamic violence. 

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  1. Fine ammunition on vermin..?

    • Fahrenheit211 | April 18, 2014 at 5:20 pm |

      I’d like nothing more for there to be peace but you can’t make peace with two faced, lying violent animals. You might as well try to make peace with a sample of the smallpox virus. I’ve met some Pals who are totally committed to peace and one even made peace with the Israeli solider who shot his rioting brother, but such people, fine and moral as they are, are completely in the minority from what I can see.

    • Fahrenheit211 | April 18, 2014 at 5:21 pm |

      Julia, what’s the betting that this piece upsets the mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists?

  2. Very good article and I couldn’t agree more.Why do we even tolerate all this crap from the muslims?Would they tolerate it from us?No! If we tolerate them much longer all our towns and cities will resemble a war zone.Where islam is,freedom flees.

  3. “When Tolerance Becomes A One-Way Street It Leads To Cultural Suicide” – Colonel Allen West

  4. How about a larger Martini-Henri round, ok one shot only but it does a lot of damage

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