He would say that wouldn’t he? The ‘Trojan Horse’ plot – Islamic school governor objects to uncomfortable questions.

There is an interesting piece published today on the Sky News website by the reporter Adele Robinson on the subject of the Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ plot, where Islamic extremists have been accused of attempting to take over schools and turn them into extreme Islam indoctrination centres. This plot is looking more and more real with 200 complaints from parents and others about what is happening there, and attention is starting to be paid to what is going on in schools in other Islamified areas of the UK. Not surprisingly the rattled Islamics are wheeling out the taqiyya and the faux angry denials about this and the one featured in the article below is whining louder than a World War II air raid siren.

Here’s the Sky story with the original story in italics.

A governor of a Birmingham school under investigation over allegations of an Islamist takeover plot is questioning the fairness of recent Ofsted inspections.”

Well he would say that wouldn’t he?

Up to 18 schools are being looked at by the education watchdog amid allegations that hard-line Muslims are trying to seize control of schools in the city.

The man, who wants to remain anonymous, told Sky News he believed inspectors had come into the school with preconceptions about education there.”

Firstly, why does he want to remain anonymous? Is his life or position in danger or instead does he fear that by being named it would cause other journalists and bloggers to dig a little deeper into his own background and religious and political views? Secondly, he is having a go at Ofsted who, prior to Michael Gove taking over at the Education Department, were stuffed with left wingers, advocates of failed ‘child-centred’ education policies and supporters of the status quo in education.

“The questioning was very inappropriate compared to a normal Ofsted. They asked us, on both occasions, ‘If a child is gay, what would you do?’ and questions like that were pushed to a long duration.”

I think that in a school that is alleged to have pushed extreme religious views onto pupils, how they treat gay teenagers or other children who are outside the Islamic ‘norm’ is a very relevant question to ask. A secular school would and should be able to answer such questions easily and asking a religious school how they would handle a gay teenager, who may well be at risk of suicide, is a question that relates to pupil safety. It is right to ask the school for example “what sort of counselling would be available for a teenager with an issue pertaining to sexuality?” Would they be sent to an imam for counselling or would they be referred to an outside counselling entity that may not have the same hard-line religious views as the school?

“One other question was about who leads the prayers. ‘Why do you have prayers?’ … They were more focused on specific religious aspects within the school, not with the day-to-day running, safeguarding and the performance of the school.”

This whine is just sound and fury signifying nothing. As the allegations relate to the school pushing religious extremism, questioning about prayers and who leads them and the other religious aspects of the school are hot questions that need to be answered by the school.

Around 25 schools in Birmingham are also being investigated by the city council and the Department for Education.”

I can guarantee to you, my readers, that Birmingham will not be the last place where Islamic schools are probably playing fast and loose with things like curricula and school ethos.

Their inquiries come after an unsigned, undated letter was published claiming to outline “Operation Trojan Horse”, a blueprint to help conservative Muslims take control of schools.

The allegations include gender segregation in schools, discrimination against non-Muslim staff and pupils, and the introduction of Islamic ideologies into the curriculum.”

Unfortunately for these Islamic schools, the allegations do not just centre around the original ‘Trojan Horse’ document, as parents are starting to come forward with allegations of their own. These include that semi-official Islamic ‘vice and virtue’ squads in these schools are imposing gender segregation in the playground and even smashing the Easter eggs of non-Muslim pupils.

The governor, from an unnamed school, also said that if education in schools had been tweaked, it may have been because they had the freedom to do so when becoming academies.”

Freedom to tweak the curriculum should not include making Islamo-fascism a major component of the schools’ ethos and culture.

He said: “The whole purpose of academies is to give more flexibility to schools, so if schools choose to, depending on their demographic, to be more Christian, Islam, Sikh, or have more Arabic classes … the flexibility is there because of the model.”

Note how this Governor doesn’t mention Jewish schools, now why could that be? Is this because being a Muslim he can’t bring himself to say the ‘J’ word? At this point I’d like to add that in general Jewish schools, like Jewish Free School in London, turn out good exam results and produce healthy, and well rounded and integrated individuals. There are some (a handful) of Charedi Jewish schools that to the secular eye may look ‘extremist’, but they are only turning out people who will probably go on to be Rabbis, scholars and home-makers, not people who will sign up for Jihad, which is a genuine worry when it comes to Islamic schools. The undoubted problems of secular education quality that exist in some Charedi schools is something that only affects the students at these schools and the parents, it is not something that is going to cause massive problems for the wider community.

“You can’t really condemn the schools for what they’re allowed to do.”

Yes you can, because these Islamic schools at the centre of the Trojan Horse plot have gone way, way beyond what was intended by those who put together the rules that govern the academy system. Flexibility in curricula is a good thing, but what is happening in some of these schools is not just taking responsible advantage of this flexibility, but schools becoming virtual Islamo-fascist training grounds, which we, as taxpayers, are funding.

The head of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw, is expected to visit Birmingham to take personal charge and finalise reports of the inspections before their publication.

Chris Keates, from the teaching union the NASUWT, says there should not be three separate investigations and that bringing in Sir Michael Wilshaw was the wrong approach.

She said: “What you actually need is not an approach that is starting from the point of view of trying to find fault with schools. Ofsted’s reputation with schools is one of creating a climate of fear and it’s a punitive reputation.”

In an effort to reduce the accountability of teachers and, as usual, attempt to stand in the way of any of the improvements being pushed by Michael Gove, Ms Keates has put herself on the side of the alleged perpetrators of what may be one of the greatest educational scandals in a decade or more. Of course it is right that Ofsted go in hard with these schools that have been taken over, that is their job. The teaching unions should hang their heads in shame that they have helped to bring about an education system that turns out students who, when they reach higher and further education, require remedial maths and English teaching in order to cope with degree level work. Silence on this matter from the teaching unions would be the best course of action and attempts to derail the inquiry are not helpful or needed. Using this issue as a method of bashing Ofsted and Mr Gove because they are unhappy with them is unseemly and transparently political.

“People need to go in with an open mind … We need a clear investigation that actually is going to get to the bottom of what are the facts of the situation. All we have had so far is a lot of speculation and now numerous investigations.”

What is coming out of Birmingham, and what will eventually come out about other schools in Islamised areas, are not mere speculations but the result of parents and others unhappy about what is going on, speaking up about the problems. An open-minded approach is not required here, but action and sanction is.

The Ofsted reports are due at the beginning of May, while the outcome of the investigations being carried out by Birmingham City Council and the Department of Education are expected before the end of July.”

Let us hope and pray that this report doesn’t whitewash what is going on in Birmingham and elsewhere. I would certainly not trust Birmingham City Council to turn out any report that criticised what has been sanctioned by Birmingham education chiefs. With Gove in charge of the Department of Education, it is more likely that what he calls the ‘blob’ or lefty educational establishment will be less able to sweep this appalling Trojan Horse phenomenon under the carpet.

I would like to end this piece by asking all parents who have concerns about Islamification of schools or Islamification of school curricula to start making some noise about these issues. I urge people to complain, and if possible to bypass what may be the politically compromised local education departments in their area, and complain directly to the Department for Education. I would also like to offer the facilities of this blog for parents who wish to publicise (anonymously if required) problems with Islamification in their own children’s schools.


Original story from Sky News


If you have information about islamification of a school that your child attends, or concerns about Islamification of a school in your area, and you want to publicise the problems, then please get in touch with this blog at editor@fahrenheit211.net


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  1. Furor Teutonicus | April 22, 2014 at 10:13 am |

    I have read over the last few days, a web site from the U.S, and one from Germany, that say this is Manchester.

    Can you just confirm that, as yet, we have NO cases in Manchester?

    (Before I go and proveribialy (sp?) blow their bollox off for spreading false information, which only serves to give free ammunition to the commy bastards to use against us.)

    • Fahrenheit211 | April 22, 2014 at 10:25 am |

      Furor, I’ve heard nothing from Manchester as yet. I have however heard of rumors from Bradford which I’m currently looking into.

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