The evil of the Islamic savages of Nigeria

Abubakar Shekau, in many people’s minds would be a prime candidate for a head-shot.

Are there any depths to which the Islamic Savages will not stoop?  The latest installment of Islamic Savagery to trouble this world comes from Nigeria where the leader of a group of Islamic Savages is taunting the mothers and fathers of captured girls with the knowledge that their daughters will be sold into slavery.

My stomach cannot but roll when reading this story from Jihad Watch.

“Abubakar Shekau gleefully taunts the mothers of the girls he abducted, knowing that what he has done in abducting them has clear Qur’anic sanction: the Qur’an allows a man to have sex with the “captives of the right hand” (4:3), which has traditionally been understood as slave girls. The large number of girls abducted in this case has finally brought some international attention to the Nigerian jihad, but untold numbers of girls have suffered the same fate as these girls throughout Islamic history and in the present day.

“‘I Abducted Your Girls,’ Nigerian Extremist Leader Admits,” by Charlotte Alter, Time, May 5, 2014:

The extremist group’s leader claims the April kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria and vows to “sell them on the market”

A leader of the extremist group Boko Haram takes responsibility in a newly-disclosed video for the kidnapping of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls last month.

“I abducted your girls,” Abubakar Shekau said in the video, obtained by AFP. “I will sell them on the market, by Allah.”

Islamist extremist group Boko Haram (which translates roughly to “Western education is forbidden”) has been terrorizing northern Nigeria for years, but the kidnapping was its biggest attack yet. Shekau said in the video that the abduction has caused outrage because “because we are holding people [as] slaves.”

Those who object to the ideology of Islam being referred to as Savagery obviously do not know as much about  the ideology than those of who do refer to Islam as Savagery.  This is Islam. This is Savagery.

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  1. Andrew Rathbone | May 5, 2014 at 8:59 pm |

    One need not go to Nigeria to experience the “joys” of multiculturalism, the “joys” of multiculturalism, by way of unrestrained immigration, will soon be coming to you.

  2. Jeff Wood | May 6, 2014 at 12:54 pm |

    I live in Italy. We receive a lot of people from Africa, north and sub-Saharan.

    They land, when they do not drown. They are not welcome, but given travel papers and €500 and sent on their way. Most try to work their way up to northern Europe, selling small goods on the road; and of course many head for Britain. They are often a problem while they are here.

    For once, I listened to a black chap I met a few weeks ago. Normally I wave them away: one can buy only so many lighters and packs of paper tissues, and not all are discouraged from begging by the look on my face.

    Anyway, this guy was a Nigerian, Christian and a computer type (I verified this in conversation). Three months ago these Boko Haram savages had burned down his church, with the congregation inside. I had read of the atrocity. This chap and his girlfriend had decided that that day, they would go to an evening service, so they lived.

    He resolved with his girlfriend that she would stay home and stay as safe as possible, while he travels to France to contacts who might find him work, so he can send for her.

    For once I sympathised totally, and bought a few things from his sack. and wished him the best.

    Among the worst of Africans there is a blind savagery; among the worst of Muslims you find the same. Put the two cultures together, and it is time to oil the Maxim Gun.

  3. Jeff……that man you spoke to has been redeemed because he is a Christian.I too wish him well in all he does and pray God keep him safe.That is the difference between muzzrat savage and Christian outlook…one is for death, destruction,rape,selling another human being,rape,beheading….whilst the other is for life,freedom,truth,honesty and kindness.Which shall we choose?Call it what you will,which would you choose?That bearded savage in the photo needs to be put out of his misery as you would with a rabid dog,it is the kindest thing,there is no cure for mohammedism,it strips the soul of any goodness.If you see the Nigerian Christian again,please will you tell him a fellow Christianprays for him and his family here and wishes him well?

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