From Elsewhere: Nick Clegg defends benefits and housing given to terrorists family.

Nick Clegg ‘Vote for me and get more welfare for Islamic terror families’


Those of us who are opposed to the Lib Dems and their treachery, dishonesty and sleaze have become used to stupid utterances and whacko policies coming from them and their supporters. However this from Nick Clegg really takes the biscuit.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Clegg has defended the right of the family of convicted Islamic terrorist Abu Hamza to live in a £1.2million taxpayer funded house and to be in receipt of welfare of £650 per week in child and housing benefits.

The Daily Mail said:

Nick Clegg has sparked outrage by defending the taxpayer-funded £1.25million house lived in by hate preacher Abu Hamza’s family.

The Deputy Prime Minister rejected demands to cut benefits for the hook-handed cleric’s wife and children after he was convicted of 11 terror offences in the U.S.

The firebrand – who for years spouted evil on Britain’s streets – is expected to die behind bars after a jury in New York found him guilty of aiding the kidnapping of hostages in Yemen in which three Britons were killed and trying to set up an Al Qaeda training camp in Oregon.

It emerged yesterday that Hamza’s wife Najat Mostafa, 55, and some of their eight children continue to live rent-free in a five-bedroom home in upmarket Shepherd’s Bush, West London.

The family are understood to be raking in at least £650 a week in housing and child benefits – a total of £33,800 a year.

Four of Hamza’s sons and a stepson have served time in jail – two for terrorism offences.

But on his call-in radio show yesterday, Liberal Democrats leader Mr Clegg defended the family’s right to be housed at an extortionate cost to the British taxpayer.

He said he understood people’s ‘frustrations’, but added: ‘He’s been convicted, he’s going to serve time in prison. It’s not his family, they’ve not decided to take action against his family.

If they’ve committed any wrongdoing, if they’ve broken the law, then charges should be brought against them much like anybody else.’

Tory MPs said Mr Clegg was ‘out of touch’ with hard-pressed British families.”

Clegg is not just showing he is ‘out of touch’ by these statements, but also that he cares nothing for the safety, security or future of the United Kingdom. The presence of this criminal Jihad supporting family in the UK is bad enough, but to see a major mainstream politician supporting them is worse than disgusting.

If you are considering voting Lib Dem then remember the words of Nick Clegg about Abu Hamza and his scummy family and think very carefully before you put your cross next to the Lib Dem box.

The Lib Dems have proved that they would rather politically fellate Jihadists and Jihad supporters than look after the ordinary people of Britain.

Vote Lib Dem – Get welfare for Jihadists. It’s not a convincing message for the British people is it?


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6 Comments on "From Elsewhere: Nick Clegg defends benefits and housing given to terrorists family."

  1. If he said anything in opposition to islamisation or in favour of Britain he would probably be forced to resign, or prosecuted for hate crime.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 22, 2014 at 11:39 am |

      I disagree. I think he genuinely believes this shit, which is even more scary.

  2. Like I wrote elsewhere,They should have a right to family life,so ship them all off to America.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 22, 2014 at 12:33 pm |

      Why should the poor bloody Americans be landed with such scum?

      • Because they know what to do with them,they wont pander to their every whim.

        • Fahrenheit211 | May 22, 2014 at 4:11 pm |

          Your forgetting that the Americans have the worst President since Jimmy Carter in power at the moment. Obama is a man who makes Richard Nixon look like a paragon of virtue.

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