Remember – One year on.

Do not forget Lee Rigby.

Do not forget who murdered him.

Do not forget for what reason he was murdered.

Do not forget the politicians like Cameron, who excused the Islamic ideology that was so obviously the driving force behind his murder.

Do not forget the Leftists whose primary concern was not that a British solider was murdered by Savages, but instead they were concerned that the ideology that drives the Savages should not be criticised.

Do not forget Anjem Choudhary and UAF whose organisations played their part in radicalising these murderers.

Never forget that it was Islam, an ideology of death, that inspired this murder.

Never forget the Lefty politicians in the London Borough of Greenwich who have refused calls for a memorial to Drummer Rigby.

Never forget that of all the religions, ideologies and cultures that have successfully made their home in the UK in recent decades, it is only the ideology of Islam that has been implicated in murders of this type.  We do not see massive numbers of Pentacostalists, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus or Buddhists bombing, killing and gang raping their way across the country or making demands with menaces that our politicians are all too eager to fulfil.

At the Ballot Box and as you walk along the street, when you speak with friends face to face and on the internet, always remember Lee Rigby and never forget those Quislings who pander to and assist the ideology that caused his murder.

As well as the hands of the murderers there were other invisible hands on the knife that slew Lee Rigby, and that was the hands of those who appeased Islam whether for reasons of political advantage or through their own naivety.