Think things are bad here? Just look at the neighbours and enemies that Israel has.

What the well-dressed Bearded Savage is wearing in Israel this year (and last year, and the year before that)


Imagine living on a street in a British town or city where you never knew which of your neighbours would suddenly turn violent. Where your neighbours on either side spoke words of peace to you but threw dogshit over your fence when your back was turned. Imagine that you were in a situation where these neighbours threatened you on buses, on trains, at family celebrations or at work. This is what Israelis have had to put up with for the last 66 years. The Israelis have the misfortune to have the worlds worst neighbours, the Arabs.

If you think that having a dole bludging drunk who plays Celine Dion at full volume at 2am as a neighbour is bad then count yourself lucky that at least they are trying not to self explode and kill you as well.

The Israelis have to be on constant guard against self exploding Arabs whose only desire is to kill as many Jewish Israelis as possible. Arab violence has already cleansed much of Yehuda and Shomron (what Lefties call the Occupied West Bank) of its minority Christian population and the violent Arabs show no sign of giving up their desire of wanting to drive the Jews into the sea.

Every Olive-branch handed to the Arabs has been burned, every peace initiative has been corrupted. The Arabs were offered their own nation in 1948 which they refused, preferring war instead of peace.

There is always the potential for a terrorist tragedy in Israel and the story today is of a tragedy that was averted by the Israeli Defence Forces without any loss of life.

The Israeli news source Arutz Sheva said:

Security forces apprehended an Arab terrorist wearing a bomb belt at TapuachJunction in Samaria, near the city of Ariel, on Friday morning.

The terrorist raised suspicions by wearing a large coat in the hot summer weather. After security forces called on him to take off his coat and be checked, the man refused and proceeded to lay on the floor, reports Channel 10.

When he finally removed his coat, he was found to be wearing a belt of explosives. A bomb disposal squad was called to the area to dismantle the explosives.

The area was closed to car traffic by police following the incident, which caused no injuries or damage.

“This is a serious rise in intensity in the attempt of the Palestinians to harm innocent civilians,” said Gershon Messika, head of the Samaria RegionalCouncil. “It’s clear the Palestinians aren’t for peace. The time has come for the Israeli government to recognize that, and rebuke whoever dares say that Israel is to blame for the peace talk failure.”

Those blaming Israel have reportedly included Palestinian Authority (PA) chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, as well as US President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

The location of the planned terror attack in Tapuach Junction is the same as amarch held on Jerusalem Day this Wednesday, marking a year to the murder of terror victim Evyatar Borovsky Hy”d. Friends and family marched the site, where he was stabbed to death by an Arab terrorist a year ago, to “Evyatar Outpost,” a community established in his honor nearby.

Tapuach Junction has apparently become a target of terrorists, as in mid-April police officers foiled another stabbing attack. Police noticed an Arab man acting in a suspicious manner. Upon investigation, the officers found a knife in his pocket.

An initial investigation revealed that the man intended to stab an IDF soldier at the junction.”

Read the rest of the story here

This is what the Israelis put up with every day. If you were an Israeli would you blame your government for putting up a separation wall to restrict the movement of the various Islamic savages whose only desire is to kill Jews? I wouldn’t criticise or blame my government for doing this, as it is plain to see that restricting the movement of so called ‘Palestinians’ is the most effective non-lethal way of curtailing Arab violence.

So the next time you hear some Lefty whining on about ‘apartheid state’ or ‘apartheid wall’ or any of the other stock phrases that they trot out regarding Israel, think of what the Israelis have to contend with. When I was last in Israel I was initially surprised that I felt safer on a bus in Tel Aviv than I did on a bus in North London, but I was very aware that the main reason I could feel safe on a Tel Aviv bus was because of the constant vigilance of the Israeli Defence Forces, and the fact that every Israeli has to use their eyes and ears to spot potential trouble.

The Israelis tolerate much that those in other countries would regard as intolerable and the fact that Israel deals with the naked lethal hatred of the Arabs in a mostly humane way should be celebrated and not condemned.  


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  1. we indians have pakistan on one side and china and bangladesh on the not that great here either 😛

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 1, 2014 at 9:11 am |

      Very true. Thanks for the reminder. It is amazing to contrast the three countries you mentioned. India is a go ahead democracy with an expanding industrial sector. However Pakistan and Bangladesh can only seem to produce war criminals or terrorists.

      • Its all about mindset bro, they are too busy beating lovers to death in front of their high court to care about progress or industrialisation .

        • Fahrenheit211 | June 1, 2014 at 10:44 am |

          Agreed it’s about mindset. There seems to be in Islamic societies a horror of learning, especially learning about things that do not immediately have a bearing on Jihad or social control. Pakistan inherited much the same economic conditions as India had after Independence and the British had during their rule tried to make some amends by hiring Muslims for the Indian Civil Service (after the 1857 disturbances there was a drop in Muslim hirings for the ICS) reversing their previous policy of hiring mostly Hindus. Therefore there it was not a case that Pakistan was devoid of organisational or administrative talent or educational opportunities. However Pakistan and Bangladesh have squandered these opportunities and squandered the talent they had and have put all their efforts into being an ideal Islamic state and not creating the conditions for economic and social growth.

          The problems with Pakistan and Bangladesh do as you say come from mindset, both religious and cultural.

          BTW have you read any tweets by Fischel Bhenkhald, he is a member of that rare and endangered species known as a Pakistani Jew? He’s been fighting for religious freedom in Pakistan which to me looks a bit like trying to empty a bottomless pool with a leaky limpet shell.

          • I am quite impressed by how well informed you I havent read his tweets..I will . Pakistan has cleansed its country of all religions except Islam..what travesty.

            • Fahrenheit211 | June 1, 2014 at 11:19 am |

              Thank you. I’ve always taken a passing interest in Indian history and politics. Britain and India have been so deeply entwined politically, socially and culturally despite mishaps and problems, for so many years that there should be no excuse for a British person NOT knowing something of this history. I also grew up in a port/military area where Sikhs were revered and a few of the doctors were highly respected Hindus and where we saw quite a few Muslim sailors. Islam in my view has been an ongoing tragedy for the Indian sub-continent and was also one of the root causes of the megadeaths that occurred at Partition. There was from what I can gather either a fear of being trapped in an Islamic state on the part of Hindus and others or anger from Muslim leaders that they were not going to be able to pick up the rule of India after independence. The blame for Partition cannot soley be blamed on Jinnah, there was Islamic agitation long before Jinnah came on the scene. BTW I used to get a bus to work that went along a street called ‘The East India Dock Road’ in London and you can’t help but be curious as to how such a road got its name 🙂

              The situation for minority religions or Islamic reformers or those of no religion is an absolute scandal.

              • Once again I say, you are really well informed..I cant add much to that. Except maybe if I go even before the Britishers entered the scene..we kept getting attacked by islamic rulers ..the turks , mughals etc etc. Before that India was a completely different state of nations..where women and sexuality was actually enjoyed was during that time when the kamasutra was written. It was afater the muslims attacked and kept raping and kidnapping hindu women that hindus started hiding their women too.

                • Fahrenheit211 | June 1, 2014 at 12:43 pm |

                  I’ve seen a figure of 80 million for the total number of deaths caused by the Islamic conquest of India. I can totally understand why there were many Hindu leaders who looked at the East India Company/British Raj as being preferable to Islamic rule. What I cannot understand is that when Britain expanded education in the English language in India from late 19th century onwards, why did the Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs grab that opportunity but the Muslims did not? Is is because Islam is much more fragile than Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism and could not stand the challenge of wider external educational knowledge?

                  I’m not that well informed, I just take an interest.

                  For all his humanity and desire for peace to this day I cannot see why Ghandiji didn’t take a more cynical view of those Muslim leaders who were pushing for division. It is not as if he was an uneducated man, he was a product of the Inns of Court with all the intellectual vigour that this world provides. Maybe Ghandiji and Nehru’s uncompromising ‘Quit India’ policy played into the hands of Jinnah and those like him who kept a quieter counsel and who later jumped up and said ‘we shall have India divided or India destroyed’.

                  One of the reasons that I’m so against the European Union is that it prevents Britain from trading effectively with the emerging nations such as India. Despite the bad stuff that can be laid at Britain’s door, such as Amritsar and the suppression of the marches against the Salt Tax, there is still much more that unites Britain and India than what divides us. If you don’t believe me just pick up an English dictionary and see just how many loan words there are that came into English from the various Indian languages. Words like ‘char’, ‘jodphurs’ and ‘bungalow’ are all common English words or slang which came from India.

                  I don’t believe that pre-Islamic India was a sort of pre-lapsarian paradise but it was certainly much more open to ideas, trade, science and spiritual thinking than much of the Islamic world has been.

  2. Furor Teutonicus | June 1, 2014 at 7:51 am |

    XX Imagine living on a street in a British town or city where you never knew which of your neighbours would suddenly turn violent. Where your neighbours on either side spoke words of peace to you but threw dogshit over your fence when your back was turned. Imagine that you were in a situation where these neighbours threatened you on buses, on trains, at family celebrations or at work.XX


    You have lived in Glasgow then?

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 1, 2014 at 9:12 am |

      LOL ! This could be the way that Tower Hamlets is going, maybe we should consider building a wall around Tower Hamlets.

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