Friday Night Movie number 21 – Hunted

A bit of proper British drama for this weeks offering. ‘Hunted’ is a 1952 film starring Dirk Bogarde as Lloyd, a man who kills a love-rival in a bombed out cellar but the aftermath of the murder is witnessed by a small boy, Robbie.

Fearing that the boy had seen the murder Lloyd grabs him and takes him with him on his escape from London. Although frightened and upset at being abducted, Robbie is somewhat reluctant to go back to his abusive adopted parents and sticks with Lloyd. As time goes by Robbie and Lloyd find common cause with each other and Robbie helps Lloyd.

Both central characters have unresolved issues from the past, Lloyd being a loser in love, and Robbie whose life has been traumatic both with his adoptive parents and because of the loss of his birth parents.

A taut and gripping drama which until recently I was unaware existed but one which I’m pleased to share.

This film shows Dirk Bogarde playing a criminal who is almost certainly going to be hung if caught, but whose association with Robbie mellows him and brings out more of Lloyds humanity. The flight of Lloyd and Robbie is set against the backdrop of a nationwide police manhunt for the pair.

I liked this film, and I hope you like it too.

Oh and if you are wondering what John Whiteley the child star of this film went on to do then wonder no longer, he became an art historian.

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  1. Some people might know the film under the title, “The Stranger in Between”.

    I’d recommend it highly too – not least for the terrific use of locations and depiction of post-war British society.
    Director Charles Crichton is best known for his Ealing Comedies but, like many other filmmakers of the period, he was equally adept in different genres and it’s worth seeking out other dramas like The Third Secret, He Who Rides a Tiger and Floods of Fear.

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