From Elsewhere: A first class fisking of some fools.

Chris Havard the ‘Australian’ Jihadi. Good riddance to bad rubbish. (picture from ABC News Australia)

This piece from the New English Review is a most excellent fisking of the parents of an Australian convert to Islam who is believed to have been killed whilst consorting with Jihadists in Yemen. These parents who made no effort to dissuade their son, Chris Havard, from joining the Islamic cult of death are now whining at the Australian government because they have, what they feel, is insufficient data about their idiot son’s death.

Here is a very hard hitting section from the New English Review article by Christian McIntosh. Ms McIntosh’s comments are in italics

The NER said:

“It was at least a month after he was killed before we knew”, said Neill Dowrick, who became a father figure to Havard (but, as we shall see, not much of a father figure when it really mattered –CM) during his troubled upbringing in Townsville.

Troubled”.  Yet again, we see the deadly suction exerted by Islam upon the psychically marginal. – CM

“Chris was collateral damage, and from there the stories just got more and more…they changed the stories every week.”

Face facts, mate.  You lost him when he converted to Islam.  Just be glad you are not, say, watching a Jihad video of him chanting allahu akhbar whilst slitting some poor Alawite or Christian kid’s throat in Syria.  At this point, you should count your blessings that he’s been killed before he could progress from kidnapping-for-ransom, to beheading, or to raping and enslaving. What would you be saying, if it transpired that before getting “offed” he had “married” and raped some poor little Yemeni girl of eight or nine or ten years of age? – CM

“They said the coroner was going to ring us and tell us how he was killed. We haven’t had that.  No death certificate”.

This is Yemen we’re talking about, you fool.  And you want a death certificate…? – CM

“Every time we ask questions, they just won’t answer.  They won’t give us any explanation whatsoever”, Havard’s mother, Bronwyn Dowrick, said.

Mrs Dowrick, the short explanation is that your son was no longer your son; when he converted to Islam, he became a traitor, not just to Australia but to the whole of the dar al Harb, the lands of the non-Muslims.  He went over to the Enemy, a cruel and ultra-violent enemy that has been waging war continually on all non-Muslims in all directions for 1400 years and counting.  And he was in close proximity to a number of the enemy’s head fighters, when they got taken out by a “hit”  from our side.  – CM

‘Just how Havard came to be in Yemen in the first place is a story in itself.

‘His father died when he was two and he grew up an only child in Townsville. (A largish provincial town on the central Queensland coast. – CM)

‘While [he was] in his teens, his mother Bronwyn began a relationship with Mr Dowrick.

‘Mr Dowrick admits [that] Havard got into trouble in his youth, and says when he was 16 he spent time in prison for car theft.

Funny how one so often finds petty or not-so-petty crime in the life history of persons who later convert to Islam. – CM

“Because he’d done a small crime (I wouldn’t say that stealing a car was “a small crime”, myself – CM) and he was in jail with really bad criminals, when he come out, he said, “Nup”, he never wanted to go back there for any reason”, Mr Dowrick said.

‘From there Chris Havard travelled and worked odd jobs before enrolling to study at James Cook University, where he met some Muslim students.

So, not prison dawa, but campus dawa.  Just as deadly. Why, why, why do we permit Muslims to enter our countries?   At our universities, they are always on the lookout, not only for pretty or not-so-pretty females to target for “marriage jihad”, but also for marginal, vulnerable young men like Chris Havard. – CM

‘One day he called his mother to ask if he could convert to Islam.

And this is the point where one wants to tear one’s hair out. Because this idiot woman had the chance to say to her son  – NO!! NO!! A thousand times no!! Don’t do it!…but she didn’t. – CM

“He asked us if he could, if it was OK if he could join up, and be Muslim.

And we said, “Yes, if that makes you happy, and that’s what you really want, yes,” Bronwyn Dowrick said.

I wonder what would have happened if these people had known enough about Islam, to know that converting to Islam is the very last thing that any sane and decent human being should ever do?  If they had known enough, to be able to say – lovingly, but very very firmly – “NO! It isn’t OK with us. Don’t!.”  If they had known, say, about the apostasy law of Islam – that once you join you can never, never leave, on pain of Death – and been able to use mention of that law, to try to deter him. –  CM

‘And from that time he changed his whole life, his outlook on life”, added Mr Dowrick.

Indeed. – CM”

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If this story tells us anything useful, apart from the fact that the parents are uninformed Divvy’s when it comes to Islam, it is that we have a duty to our children to tell the truth about this disgusting ideology. The moment someone chooses to follow the path of Islam is the moment when they are lost to humanity. 

If Havard’s parents have been more informed about the Islamic death cult then maybe he could have been dissuaded but it appears that they bought into the lie that Islam is no different from other religious paths.

I try not to celebrate the deaths of others but the removal of the unhappy Havard from this world means one less Jihadi to trouble it.