On the three teenagers murdered in Israel by savages


Baruch Hashem Dayan HaEmet


Blessed be the Eternal God, the true judge.



So what we have all feared has come to pass. The Islamic savages who kidnapped Gil-Ad Shaer,16, Eyal Yifrah, 19, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16  did not use them as bargaining chips as some of us hoped, or release them unharmed, but swiftly and callously murdered them.


These boys were not combatants, nor were they working for the Israeli government, they were just ordinary teenagers who were attending a Yeshiva (Bible college) near Hevron in Judea. Yet again the bottomless pit of Islamic hatred has turned deadly, and there is not much else to do, apart from grieve for the loss of these young lives, and hope that they will be avenged.


The pointless murder of these three teenagers should at least illustrate something, and that is the utter futility of seeing the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs as being motivated by politics or territory or water or anything else, other than the hatred of Islam for anything and anybody which Islam defines as ‘other’.


Their deaths must not be in vain. These deaths should be a signpost to the world to show what Israel is dealing with every single day. The opponents of Israel are not all poor, downtrodden or dispossessed people but they are members of a cult of death and hatred which has condemned the Palestinians to live in misery. There have been numerous attempts over the last century to broker peace, which have all failed either because of Arab intransigence or because they do not provide sufficient security guarantees for Israel. If you had the sort of neighbours that Israel has, wouldn’t you want to be absolutely sure that the deal you were getting would bring peace, and would not be exploited as an opportunity to re-arm? Muslims lie routinely, their word cannot be taken as any sort of bond, no matter how much they talk of honour.


There have been a multitude of well meaning attempts to either make peace with the Arabs or buy them off. Some have been monumentally stupid, like the British making Haj Amin Al-Hussaini the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and hoping that he wouldn’t turn out to be a violent Jew-hating rabble-rouser. Others have been a triumph of hope over experience such as Israel surrendering the Gaza Strip to the Arabs, who promptly demonstrated their peaceful intent by electing the Islamic psychopaths of Hamas to be their government. None of these attempts at peace, as laudable and as full of hope as they may have been, took into account the violent hatred that Islam has for every other belief or people. Even in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, on one of the holiest sites for Jews, the Temple Mount, Muslims are allowed to run things because the Dome of the Rock mosque is also there, but they do not behave honourably or peacefully and often attack Jews visiting the Mount or throw rocks etc onto the heads of Jews praying at the Western Wall, that is below Temple Mount.


The deaths of these innocents, at the hands of Islamic savages, are just the latest in a long line of killings committed by Muslims. Unless this foul and murderous ideology is kicked hard and put in its place, then they will not be the last. The situation that Israel faces with Arabs should be a lesson for us all wherever we are. That lesson should be that whatever concession that Islam is granted will never be enough, they see concessions only as weakness and are encouraged to demand more. Islam is a ravening maw that desires nothing less than the destruction of all that is outside of its own ideology. Islam is not a religion, it is a sickness that has claimed three more lives. It is to be hoped that one day the ordinary Muslim will recover from the sickness of Islam and then indeed there will be peace in the land, not just in Israel but all over the world.


We should remember the deaths of these teenagers, and pray that their deaths will be avenged.