It’s so nice to have a good news story to comment on for a change.

Imad Al-Alami the genocidal Islamic fascist who accidentally shot himself in the head whilst cleaning his firearm.


There is an old British saying which goes ‘God pays debts without money’, meaning that eventually a person’s sins will find them out and they will suffer the consequences of their sin. This phrase popped into my head when I heard that one of the founders of the genocidal Islamic fascist group Hamas was critically injured whilst cleaning his personal firearm.

Now normally I would not revel in my enemy’s displeasure and pain, but on this occasion, knowing how the victim of this incident, Imad al-Alami, wants me dead and my family dead, I shall make an exception. Therefore, instead of proffering concern which I try to do even to those I disagree with, I shall merely piss myself laughing at this story. According to Hamas sources, Al-Alami is in hospital in a critical condition but I will not be a hypocrite and tell him to get well soon. This terrible injury that Al-Alami inflicted on himself could be seen by some as the Eternal One paying this savage back for the murderous hatred that he and his group have directed at Israeli Jews and the oppression of members of other faiths in the Gaza terrorist statelet over which Hamas rules.

Really, this accident could not have happened to a more appropriate fellow. Now if only more of the thousands upon thousands of murderous Islamic savages could also meet a terrible accident with firearms, then the world may end up just that little bit more peaceful than it would be if these savages were alive and whole.

It’s rare that I have the chance to report a ‘good news’ story but the incapacitation of one of the worst enemies of humanity is pretty good news all round. Live by the sword and die by the sword appears to be something that Al-Alami has found out about for himself.

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