Today the ‘Religion of Peace’ brings you…..Another of the infamous ‘W***ing Muslims of Bradford’

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Knowing how many adherents there are to the Bearded Savagery of Islam in Bradford, I’m think I’m pretty safe in assuming that today’s tosser is a Muslim. We’ve seen other similar cases in Bradford of Muslims, like this one, where thinking that they can beat their meat in public. Still, what else could be expected from an ideology that has no real prohibition against child sex, which approves of dangerously consanguineous ‘cousin-marriage’ and which has shall we say a ‘liberal’ approach to sex with animals. On top of that it must never be forgotten that Islam is deeply misogynistic and unlike other belief paths has never disregarded or abandoned the idea of sex slavery. We can see with our own eyes how Islamic misogyny and sex slavery is afflicting communities as diverse as Mosul in Iraq to Rotherham in the United Kingdom.

Anyway, here’s today’s disgusting Islamo-perve courtesy of the Bradford Telegraph and Argus.

A GREASY haired man is being hunted by police after “outraging public decency” on a bus in Bradford city centre.

Officers are appealing for information after an allegation was made of the man acting lewdly on the First 626 service last Thursday between 5.30pm and 6pm.

A woman was travelling on the bus from the centre of Bradford to West Bowling. The man boarded at the stop on Market Street, outside the Ginger Goose pub.

He initially sat a few rows in front of her before moving to sit next to her at the back of the bus. Police say the man then “outraged public decency.”

The man is described as Asian, in his early 20s, with shaved hair at the sides which was gelled or greasy on top.

He was wearing black jogging bottoms, a black running jacket and had a black Samsung Galaxy S mobile telephone.

PC Josh Hirst of the Bradford East Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “I would appeal to anyone who witnessed this incident to get in contact on 101.”

As I said before there are so many Bearded Savage Muslims resident in Bradford that it is highly unlikely that this perve was a Sikh or a Hindu or a Jain or even a Methodist. It is also most likely that he is a Muslim due to the lack of respect for others, the sexual incontinence and the arrogant belief that he could get away with such an action.

Many young men are incorrigibly horny, it’s part of nature. However most other young men who were caught in an episode of inappropriate horniness, would probably head for the nearest public toilet to have the relief of a quick five knuckle shuffle in relative privacy, or even wait until they got home. Not so this particular Bearded Savage. He thinks he can tug his todger in public and get away with it.

I do hope the police catch this perve before he goes on to commit other offences, because someone who sees no wrong in wanking on a bus, may be more likely to go on to commit other more serious offences. I don’t hold out much hope of him being punished appropriately because West Yorkshire police may be like forces in other Islam dominated areas and be minded to appease the savages by giving him a halal biscuit and telling him ‘now don’t do it again’.

It will be interesting to see how he is dealt with if and when he is eventually apprehended.


Original story from the Bradford Telegraph and Argus

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