Terror flags in Whitechapel and Met Pol are nowhere to be seen.

Jihad flag in Whitechapel

If you want an example of the blatant arrogance of the followers of the violent ideology of Islam and an illustration of why these bastards need to be taken on by the authorities, and taken on hard, then look no further than the picture above.

This picture is of a car, allegedly in London’s Whitechapel, adorned with the black and white Jihad flags that we see flown so often in video and stills taken in areas where Muslims are committing the most gross atrocities on non-Muslims or those who Jihadists see as not Muslim enough.

Why are we tolerating this? This flag is no different from a Swastika yet it is being allowed to be flown in Britain’s capital city. I’m both ashamed and angry that this sort of stuff is being tolerated. Can you imagine the sort of opprobrium that would rain down, quite rightly in my view, on someone who flew a Swastika from their car? Why is the driver of this car not being told by the police to remove such a grossly offensive symbol as a Jihad flag? There are plenty of laws that could be pressed into service by the authorities to remove the flag or impound the vehicle or even arrest the driver for inciting others to commit acts of public disorder.

The fact that this flag was allowed to be displayed is yet another indication of how low the Metropolitan Police have sunk in their addiction to political correctness and appeasement of Islam. If I drove down Whitechapel High Street from Aldgate East, flying an Israeli flag alongside a Union Flag I don’t think I’d get as far as Mile End before I was pulled over and given advice about not upsetting ‘community cohesion’. In fact the police would probably nick me because the flag contravened ‘construction and use’ regulations or something, anything, else that would allow them to remove symbols that offend the Bearded Savages, who have corrupted Tower Hamlets to a degree not seen since the pre-Reform Act Rotten Boroughs.

The fact that this flag is being flown openly at all, is an indication of the policing double standard being practised by the Metropolitan Police. They seem to have as a priority, not protecting British people from Islamic savagery, but protecting the violent Islamic savages themselves for both ideological and career progression reasons. The Met are not enforcing the law equally, and this case is just one example of the moral corruption that the Met have allowed to grow within their force.

If the Met cannot be relied upon to act against Islamic savagery who can the average citizen rely on to oppose those who have openly shown allegiance to the violent theocratic fascists who have brought such terror and death to so many diverse parts of the globe? Seventy years ago if someone had had the crazy temerity to fly a Nazi flag from a vehicle in London then the driver would have got a kicking and the car or at least the flag, would have been destroyed by angry Britons and Allied service personnel. It is a symptom of how far we have fallen that the driver isn’t eating through a straw and the car isn’t a burned out hulk, or that the police do not appear to have stepped in to prevent this abomination of a flag being flown.

If anyone needs any further confirmation that you cannot trust the Met Police if you are a non-Muslim, then the picture above should be plenty.

We are reaching a crisis point in Britain, and it is a crisis point that I have often warned against. There will ultimately be a point when the average Briton, no matter what their skin colour or religion, will say ‘enough is enough’ and violence will break out and the followers of Islam will get back what they’ve dished out to others for far too long. When, and sadly I think it is now a matter of when, rather than if, violence breaks out there will be another easily identifiable cause for people’s violent anger and that will be those in the police, local and national government, the judiciary and the civil service. Such entities have failed to deal with Britain’s Islam problems, of which there are many, despite being warned about Islamic problems such as Grooming Gangs on countless occasions, but who chose either to do nothing or worse, shoot the messenger. Righteous defensive violence from those who are victims of Islam will be the only result of appeasing Islam. It’s a shame to have to say it, but that is the way things are going.


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5 Comments on "Terror flags in Whitechapel and Met Pol are nowhere to be seen."

  1. Furor Teutonicus | July 22, 2014 at 1:27 pm |

    XX This flag is no different from a Swastika yet it is being allowed to be flown in Britain’s capital city.XX

    And, the E.U “flag” (Shithouse peper) is any different?

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 22, 2014 at 1:32 pm |

      The EU shithouse flag is not being carried yet by lunatics screaming allah hu akbar as they cut off some nuns head. Mind you I hate the EU shitrag as well.

  2. Furor Teutonicus | July 22, 2014 at 1:28 pm |

    paper. Peper COULD cause problems)

  3. Anything goes in tolerant Britain. One day Britain will die of tolerance…It will be a great shame.

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 23, 2014 at 7:24 am |

      Tolerance is a wonderful thing, but to tolerate the intolerant and destructive ideology of Islam is social and national suicide. No other group has behaved as consistently badly as have the followers of Islam.

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