Not even on a light summer evening are women safe from misogynist savages.

When people hear of women being accosted by a gang of men and sexually hassled, they may think that this is something that happens late at night and in a poorly lit street. However that is not always the case. A woman in Preston, Lancashire was walking past a nightclub on a bright summer evening when she was cornered by a gang of men, who are most likely to be Muslim, and subjected to verbal abuse and put in fear of a sex attack.

A local website, Blog Preston, reported the attack and said:

Police are appealing after a woman was accosted by a group of Asian men outside a city centre Preston nightclub.

The incident happened around 5pm on Friday 18 July as the woman made her way down Church Street.

As she passed the Evoque nightclub she was grabbed around the waist and cornered by a group of seven or eight men.

Lancashire Police say the men spoke to her in a foreign language and suggestively pointed at parts of her body.

The woman asked to be let go and a member of the public intervened and the men let the woman go.

PC Nick Mattock from Preston Police said: “Although this woman wasn’t physically assaulted she has been left understandably shaken by this incident.

If anyone saw this incident or saw a group of Asian men in the area at the time, I would encourage them to speak to us.”

Anyone with information can call police on 101 quoting reference number 1244 of 18 July 2014. Alternatively, they can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.

Read the source at:

This case shows that danger that all women are in when they live in areas that have been virtually colonised by Islam and where the local authorities are, as Preston is, running policies that equate to appeasement of Islam and its gross misogyny. Let us not forget that Preston has been in the news lately for flying a flag representing Islamic terrorist organisations because it pleased Preston’s Muslim population. Preston City Council flew the ‘Palestinian’ flag after requests from Muslim groups but later rescinded the permission due to massive adverse criticism of the council’s decision. However according to an Islamic site, local Islamic savages were unhappy that the council had refused to fly the terrorist organisation’s flag and caved in to demands by a bunch of savages who marched on the city council.

The counterjihad blogger Kafircrusader makes the valid point that this incident happened in broad daylight, on a busy street, with many potential witnesses and in an area that appears to be saturated with CCTV.

Kafircrusader said:

Church Street is the main road that runs through the middle of Preston town centre which is busy virtually 24/7 given that this is the main high street. From the train station at one end to the ring road at the other end the road is almost nothing but shops, bars, nightclubs and fast food outlets. With the shoppers, people leaving work and also the people enjoying a drink in the sun it is the last place you would of expected this to happen really given all the potential witnesses.

Then again thou this is sex obsessed Muslims we are talking about here. The brazen in your face nature of this incident is pretty much standard Muslim behaviour these days where they seem to think they are above the law and can do what they want when they want without repercussions.”

Kafircrusader makes a very good point. These Savages have now become so bold and so arrogant that they believe they have the right to attack women no matter who else is around or who may be watching.

On the subject of the considerable CCTV coverage on Church Street, Preston, Kafircrusader said:

As somebody who has been down this street several times the polices appeal made me think….im sure that road is full of cameras….so i did a bit of research and it seems i had remembered correctly.  “

This gives an indication of how badly the problem of overt Islamic misogyny has become in Britain, and especially in those areas where Islam has been allowed to metathesize and become a problem for all women.

Kafircrusader makes a point that is both interesting and worrying. That point was that town centres like Preston are often covered by CCTV where the live feed is remotely monitored. If these monitors were Muslims then there is the distinct possibility that they may have deliberately ignored this attack either because they believed the attackers to be Muslim or because they were blinded by their own misogyny.

This woman although very shaken got off very lightly bearing in mind that the sort of savages who have attacked her have zero respect for women, and the next time these savages attack the results could be much worse.

They need sorting out, and sorting out soon. If the Police can’t manage to catch these savages soon then the people of Preston should protest loudly about what is going on in their town. In both the fields of politics and in public safety, Islamic savagery appears to be out of control in Preston and something urgently needs to be done about it.


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