From Elsewhere: The Labour Party, the Islamic Terrorists’ friend.

Vote Labour, get Islamic terror.

It was primarily the Labour party who have brought about the current ‘Islam disaster’ that Britain is facing. It was under their government’s period of office that tens of thousands of Muslims immigrated to the United Kingdom, many in order to claim benefits. It is Labour that has been the main recipient of both the whipped mosque votes and the fraudulent postal votes, that are now such a characteristic of Labour’s Islamic hell-holes. The Labour party it was that attempted to make all criticism of Islam illegal, by way of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 and it was only a bitterly fought battle in the House of Lords that got a ‘free speech clause’ inserted into this legislation.

Now some senior Labour figures seem to have come out in favour of letting Islamic terrorists who go to places like Syria and Iraq to fight for Jihad, back into the UK.

The Breitbart website said:

Labour would allow terrorists back to the UK, opposing plans announced yesterday by David Cameron to refuse to allow British nationals who engage in terrorism to come back to the country. The comments came from a spokesperson for Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, who said that refusing to allow terrorists back to Britain risked other countries leaving them stranded here.

Cooper had previously complained that she was unclear on exactly what form Cameron’s plan to restrict right of residence would take. Today her team took a stronger line, suggesting that we had a duty to deal with ISIS terrorists in Britain.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister told the House of Commons it was “abhorrent” British citizens had “declared their allegiance” to groups like ISIS. But he warned that the present situation in which terrorists who hold British citizenship can return to the UK was “a gap in the armoury”. He also promised cross-party negotiations on how exactly to ban them.

Yvette Cooper’s spokesperson told Breitbart London: “If someone is guilty of terrorism we want to see them properly prosecuted and where that isn’t possible for their movements to be restricted by Control Orders. If we refuse to take our terrorists back and deal with them, then other countries might do the same and that could mean having to keep foreign terrorists in this country for years.

“There has been a lot of pre-briefing by various departments about the proposal to stop home-grown terrorists returning to the UK. It is by no means clear exactly what the government want to do, but on the face of it we think what they propose would not be allowed in international law.”

Her comments are likely to infuriate the government, who took drastic action on the right of residency issue as the UK terror threat was raised to “severe”, meaning that an attack is now very likely. The government was also warned by the King of Saudi Arabia that unless action was taken fast, well-trained jihadis would return home to wreak havoc in Europe.”

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So there you have it. Labour’s metamorphosis from workers’ party to Islam party is now almost complete. When a party cannot even be trusted to say ‘yes’ to the idea of excluding those who have gone abroad to fight for Islamic Fascist groups, it shows just how far they’ve fallen. Would you trust Labour with the security of the United Kingdom? I for one, know that I would not.