A horrible ‘Hobsons Choice’ that many Britons may have to make in the future.

‘No man is an island entire to himself’ said the writer John Donne back in the 17th century. We all have attachments whether familial or social or otherwise, we cannot act as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist. Many of us have children, parents and other relatives of differing ages and states of health.

We may wish to live close to our loved ones in an area with good schools, an efficient health service, low crime rates and a good community. But what happens when good areas go bad? What about areas that were once safe but are not now? In particular, what do you do when an area becomes dangerously Islamified and the original non-Muslim community finds itself ‘de-prioritised’ when it comes to social housing, healthcare and schooling? Even if you have a portable employment skill that allows you to relocate, that is not the whole story. Do you stay or do you go? Do you stay put because the elderly relatives are unwilling to move, and risk the safety of your partner and children? Ideally you would scoop up all the family and go to somewhere safer, but that is not always possible. What if some relatives have partners who will not go away from their own relatives in an unsafe area or those who are unwilling to see the writing on the wall or have made a previous bad decision to stay and try to make the best of it, and will not reconsider?

Do you give up a dream of having a family, in order to stay and guard the vulnerable ones from the depredations of the Bearded Savages? If you have relatives who are unwilling or unable to move to a safer part of the country, and you also have children, do you risk your offspring becoming another rape gang statistic and have them live in fear of straying into an Islamic no-go zone and getting their heads kicked in or worse? If you move for the sake of the children, how do you protect those left behind?

All these are horribly difficult ‘Hobson’s Choice’ type questions that have no easy or comfortable answers. Whatever the choice is, to stay or go, someone will suffer, someone will see their child’s future blighted or be placed in a position where they will not be able properly support those whom they wish to support.

They are also questions that will be faced by more and more British people as Islam flexes its muscles and turns once-safe areas into places of horror, crime and corruption. Who would have thought 25-30 years ago that a borough at the posh end of East London, Redbridge for example, would see such an influx of Bearded Savagery that soon women will no longer be safe in the streets and life will become considerably more difficult for that borough’s existing Christian and Jewish inhabitants? Already in that area there are extremist Islamic women’s groups that have been described as ‘medieval’ in their outlook on the world. Unless this affliction is cleared up, Redbridge can only and inexorably become a worse place to live in, if you are a non-Muslim.

Whatever decision we make about this sort of thing, it will bring heartbreak to some. There will be those who escape and make better lives for themselves and their families who will suffer from a considerable amount of ‘survivor guilt’ because they got away in time, or because the circumstances were right for them. That so many British people may soon be placed in this difficult position, is just one more reason to despise the ideology of Islam and the negative effects it has on our country. It is not us who should be having to move, it is the Savages whose disgusting ideology blights too many of our towns and cities, they are the ones who should have to face difficult choices. They should be given three choices, live like us and abide by our rules, laws and customs, go voluntarily with compensation or be forcibly removed or locked up as not conducive to the public good.