From Elsewhere: Leeds. Child sexual exploitation grows along with the influence of Islam.

Leeds, is this the next city to be rocked by an Islamic Rape Gang scandal?

The Yorkshire Evening Post has been carrying a very worrying story about how the risk to children in the city of Leeds of sexual exploitation has trebled. Although the Yorkshire Evening Post report didn’t specifically mention Islamic Grooming Gangs, it is easy to deduce that as the Islamic population of Leeds has grown, so will have the number of Islamic nonces and the number of victims. After the revelations about the activities of Islamic sex gangs operating in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and elsewhere, we can no longer say that there is not a problem with Islamic sex crime gangs.

There will always be some instances of sexual exploitation in all communities but it seems that the rise in Leeds’s Islamic population and its proximity to Islam dominated Bradford, may be a factor in what is increasing the risk for children and young people of Leeds of sexual exploitation. We cannot ignore the religious and cultural mores of Islam and we especially cannot ignore the fact that Islam has a concept of age of consent that is either over flexible or non-existent. The fact that some Islamic clerics can advocate sex with children and even babies is testament to an established and theologically backed subculture of paedophilia within Islam.

Although other cultures including Haredi Jews and Gypsies have a history of marrying young (although within the legal age of consent I might add), there can be no comparison with Islam which socially accepts the ‘normality’ of paedophilia to a much greater extent than any other major contemporary religious or cultural path or belief system. Maybe that is what comes of Islam having as a religiously admirable figure and ‘prophet’ a man called Mohammed, a man who raped a 9 year old girl.

The Yorkshire Evening Post said:

Child protection experts have warned the number of children at risk of being groomed in Leeds has more than trebled over the last three years.

Figures reveal 153 youngsters were believed to be at risk of grooming and sexual exploitation across the city in just 12 months.

The Yorkshire Evening Post can reveal 47 victims were identified between April 2011 and April 2012 but that figure has since rocketed.

Agencies in Leeds were working with 84 children and young people at risk of child sexual exploitation in April this year.

West Yorkshire Police have carried out 33 child sexual exploitation investigations in one year in the city.

Officers are working with child protection experts to identify the city’s grooming hotspots.

But a Leeds charity has warned it can take months for young victims who have been ensnared by grooming gangs to speak out.

Sexual exploitation charity Genesis, who run a young person’s service called Isis, has supported children as young as 12 who are at risk of falling into the hands of predators.

Child protection experts in Leeds revealed the number of children at risk of grooming and sexual exploitation has more than trebled over the last three years.

Figures show 153 children were at risk from falling into the clutches of predators between April 2013 and April 2014 – compared to 47 the previous year.”

Read the rest of this story here:

I have the nasty feeling that this is a story that is going to develop and that the figure of 153 young people being sexually exploited can only grow. I also have the feeling that when these cases are investigated they will show that there are a significant number of Muslims involved in sexually exploiting the children and young people of Leeds.

There are worrying similarities to the child sexual exploitation that is happening in Rotherham and that which is happening in Leeds. The fact that police are looking at ‘honey-pot’ premises implies that halal takeaways and Muslim mini-cab drivers may be providing the abusers and the facilities to abuse. We’ve seen this scenario of Muslim abuse networks before in Blackpool, Rotherham and elsewhere and there is the strong likelihood that we could be seeing a similar situation coming to light in Leeds.