Labour’s ‘Palestine’ Vote – The party’s ‘core vote’ strategy writ large.

Grahame Morris MP – Another Labour Islamopanderer

Today’s planned vote in the House of Commons on the issue of recognising the thugs and terrorists who call themselves Palestinians, as a legitimate state shows that much of the Labour party is more interested in pandering to its Islamic core vote, than being concerned about the wider geo-political issues surrounding the conflict in the Middle East.

The backbench MP Grahame Morris has put forward a motion to recognise ‘Palestine’ alongside the State of Israel. Morris has a long and ignominious history of often saying ‘yes’ to the Islamic thugs who call themselves the leadership of ‘Palestine’. It is difficult not to assume that apart from the normal Labour knee-jerk support for the ‘Palestinians’ there are electoral calculations at work here. With Labour coming under threat from UKIP in what were previously safe seats for them, Labour MP’s may be eyeing up the whipped mosque vote and bent Muslim postal votes as a method of keeping their seats come the next General Election. As the white working classes abandon Labour because they are seeing Labour as the architects of a disastrous open door immigration policy that has afflicted them greatly, Labour may well be turning to the more reliable Islamic vote in order gain and retain power.

Morris’s call for a vote for ‘Palestine’ looks very much like an appeal for the Muslim vote and very little to do with bringing peace to the Middle East.

Here’s what the Conservative MP Guto Bebb writing in the Daily Telegraph has said about today’s vote:

Labour’s front bench, so it would seem, is bending to the will of backbenchers with clear anti-Israeli agendas. By instructing all of its MPs to vote in favour of the motion, the party is pandering to the few. It is trying to keep a small but voluble rump of the party sweet – MPs who have an increasingly uncompromising stance regarding Israel. If such a thing were to happen in the Conservative Party, David Cameron would be lucky to escape loud criticism.

Meanwhile, conscientious parliamentarians are leading the way on what would actually help solve the region’s problems. Besides the Prime Minister’s level-headed leadership regarding issues such as the rise of Islamic State, Mr Cameron has also made it abundantly clear that, for there to be lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, there must be a negotiated, two-state solution.

This doesn’t come about by using backbench motions to create headlines and muddy the waters between the two sides. It requires reaching across the aisle and working together, not merely for Western policymakers who desperately want to see the suffering on both sides end, but also on the part of the Palestinian and Israeli leaderships.

Time and again, we have seen this approached scuppered by vested interests and pointless grandstanding. Whether it is over “aid” convoys to Gaza, the continued announcement of settlement building, or unilateral action taken in international forums, we have to be honest and open about what works in the favour of peace and what doesn’t. Ed Miliband’s failure to lead his Labour Party in this direction damages Britain’s role in the Middle East and wider world.

We can all have a good laugh when Mr Miliband fails to act in a manner befitting a strong opposition leader – such as when he forgot to mention the deficit in his conference speech weeks ago. But when it comes to matters that affect the lives and livelihoods of millions of people, it is quite wrong that he allow himself to be dragged along by partisan backbenchers. It is another reminder of the reasons he should not be let near No 10.

Truth be told, as on every other issue that falls in front of the Labour Party, it is still behaving like a party that has no direction and no impact – probably because it has neither.

The British Government’s position on the matter will not change. And international opinion won’t be swayed by a few squabbling MPs on Britain’s Opposition benches. And that’s why my Conservative colleagues and I should stay away from tonight’s vote, when Labour turns the Commons chamber into its own policy forum.”

Read the rest of this article here:

Labour’s back benchers are in love with the reliable (for the moment) whipped Mosque vote and will do almost anything to get it and keep it, including turning a blind eye to thousands of rapes carried out by Muslims. That this policy involves recognising a bunch of Islamic thugs, who threaten their democratically run neighbour, as a nation, is of no importance to them. In this, as in many other matters, all that matters to Labour is making their Muslim voters feel good and sod everyone else.

Today’s vote is yet another reason, along with the mass Islamic rapes and other Islamic crime, why those who are not Muslim should never again put their cross next to the Labour box at election time.

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  1. The only true friend of the West in the Middle East is Israel and the stupid people in charge would do well to remember this fact instead of pandering to any Islamic demand.

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