Manchester Islamic Rape Gangs – The problem is worse than could possibly be expected.

Greater Manchester Police. Have they become yet another ‘Shariah Friendly’ police force?

The mainstream news is starting to catch up with the disaster that is Islamic Rape Gangs and how they are afflicting Manchester. ITV news has put out a report that has said that hundreds of girls have been made victims of Islamic Rape Gangs and very few of these rapist Muslims have been prosecuted for it.

You can see the video report on this story via this link

The report is a graphic and harrowing illustration of just how bad the problems are when it comes to Islamic sex crime. It also shows how feeble Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have been when confronted with this problem. I don’t know about you, but I was pretty disgusted to see the Chief Constable of GMP trying to worm his way out of his force taking responsibility for this monstrous error, and blaming government targets regarding property crime for the lack of action against Islamic sex criminals.

Here is a man who is not fit to be a Police Community Support Officer let alone a Chief of Police. He is a disgrace to the uniform and a disgrace to the nation. Former officers from GMP have spoken out, they have said that they presented information to senior officers about Islamic Rape Gangs operating in their area but the information was not acted upon. In one statement shown on the video, an officer alleged that there had been a deliberate cover-up of Islamic Rape Gangs. Having watched what has happened in Rotherham and elsewhere, I am sad to say I can well believe that GMP have covered up their Islamic Rape Gang problem, probably for ‘community cohesion’ reasons.

The Chief Constable of GMP also tried to shift blame onto the Crown Prosecution Service by saying that prosecutions of these Islamic rapists and paedophiles were not undertaken because the victims would not have had credibility in court. I’ve worked as a court reporter for a news agency and I’ve sat in on scores of general rape cases in the Crown Courts and, yes, there were a few cases where there were alleged victims whose evidence was plainly not credible, and even cases where the accused could prove he was not in the company of the alleged victim at the time of the alleged offence, but I cannot believe the Chief Constable’s assertion that ALL the victims were found not to be credible by the Police and CPS. Such a statement defies belief. You would expect a small proportion of rape allegations to be false or malicious, that’s just the way of the world and human nature, but to say that 100% of the alleged victims would have their complaint dismissed by the jury because their evidence is not credible or sound is just utter bullshit.

It is difficult not to come to the conclusion that for political, arse-covering or career progression reasons, Greater Manchester Police actively chose not to pursue Islamic Rape Gangs, even when there was credible evidence of their activity. It is looking more and more likely that GMP has for years been running a policy of ‘let’s go easy on the Muslims’ when it comes to sex crime. It would certainly not be surprising to find that the number of genuine victims of Islamic Rape Gangs in the Greater Manchester area exceeds that of the 1.400 victims uncovered in Rotherham by the Jay Report. It is difficult to escape the conclusion that Greater Manchester Police have become yet another shameful Islam and shariah-friendly police force just like South Yorkshire Police and West Midlands Police.

I don’t think that the blame for this disaster that has befallen the girls and young women of Greater Manchester should fall completely on Greater Manchester Police. The role of the local authority, including social services, should not be overlooked. As Greater Manchester council has been in Labour hands since local government re-organisation in the early 1970’s, blame also needs to be laid at the feet of the local authority. Just like in Rotherham, we see in Greater Manchester the same one party state of Labour corruption and Islamopandering. The police, Greater Manchester council, social services and others who are part of the political elite of that city, should collectively be considered culpable in the way they have abandoned vulnerable girls and young women to the depredations of Islamic Rape Gangs.

Yes, there are problems in prosecuting these particular types of cases, most notably the horrific pressure that the Islamic Bearded Savages put on victims to get them to withdraw their complaints. Of course, the way alleged victims of rape are treated has changed and been improved in recent years, but none of those mitigating factors can detract from the terrible way Greater Manchester Police have handled this problem.

Greater Manchester Police and other members of the local political class have bought themselves a quiet life by letting Islamic savages rape their way through the girls and young women of Manchester. That is something for which no excuses are possible, not the prevention of riots nor a multicultural society where we respect each other’s beliefs. The trust that ought to exist between women and the police may never be repaired after this fiasco. The first duty and purpose of the police and local authorities should be to protect the weak and vulnerable, not to abandon them and ignore their reports of crime and deem them not credible and not even refer them to the courts for judgement in a public and transparent manner.


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  1. “Greater Manchester Police and other members of the local political class have bought themselves a quiet life…”

    They bought nothing and stole everything…along with our trust.

    • Fahrenheit211 | October 17, 2014 at 7:35 am |

      Well said there MTG. The police, not just in Manchester, have let us all down dreadfully. I can’t think of anytime in my lifetime when the police have behaved so badly. There has always been police corruption ranging from the sort of ‘noble cause’ corruption where police officers have bent the law to get bad guys convicted through to personal greed making police take bribes. What is different with police corruption today is the type of ‘let’s give the Muslims a free ride because its politically important’ and that fact that it is spread so widely across different police forces.

      • In the meantime, let us steel ourselves for what is undoubtedly the precursor to dreadful news from Greater Manchester.

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